Case Studies

IKEA PS Interior app. Overcome the purchase barrier of 'insufficient imagination'
Using cell phone camera, customers can then position the furniture in their home and take a picture of it. Awards: Cannes Gold Lion

Tourism Queensland: Best Job in the World. Promote awareness of this travel destination
One of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.
Awards: Cannes Grand Prix Cyber Lion - Interactive

Tesco Choc A Block. Augmented Reality
Scan their ChokaBlok bar using the 'Tesco Discover' app to reveal a video of the ChokaBlok factory and the delicious chocolate range being created by the Choklateers

Audi Times Square. Bring the unparalleled new look of the A7 to life
Designed interactive billboard, featuring the Audi A7 on 15,000 square feet of LED screens. Users could could Tweet their suggestions, which appeared live on the Times Square Billboard etc Make brand bigger in the US
Used responsive design and an automated, fluid grid system that flexibly adapts to a broad array of content and devices. Reinvented the way products are browsed and displayed

Nike+ GPS app
Using a chip in shoe connected to GPS, the mobile app provides various info about running, route and ability to share info with friends

Destination for fans to journey deeper into the stories they love. Exclusive content and features attract viewers beyond the shows, with community forums and sharing functions

AutoTrader UK. Make it easier for novices to buy cars
Allows people to take picture of any car and instantly get info about that make and model. Awards: Silver Cannes Cyber Lion - Mobile

Brit Oval - The Wicket Widget
Desktop application. Cricket fans can keep up with their friends about cricket by throwing each other a cricket ball with message inside.

Lynx - Lynx Space Academy. Global launch of the new Lynx Apollo
Integrated campaign. Giving 22 people the chance to go into space with the Lynx Space Academy. Videos. Facebook and mobiles apps

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