Case Studies

Experian - CreditExpert - Banner ads
A series of banner ads that carefully tailored the campaigns key messages to get the most out of the creative assets in the digital medium

Mercedes Benz - CRM Program
Created highly exclusive and personalised, data-driven CRM programs delivered across multiple brands, to make each customer feel it was just for them

Argos - Giant Range. Drive awareness of product range
Integrated campaign. Invitation to guess how many items are inside a massive jar filled with life-size products, from teddies to TVs. Users driven to landing page via email, viral seeding, blogging etc

Seat Exeo - Bringing the launch to life. Online Magazine
Used Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio development system, Microsoft SQL Server data management software and Metias PageLife platform

Youtube Pulse. To help buyers understand Google's Youtube ad. packages
Created a digital sliding wheel tool - a rich media presentation tool

Yorkshire Building Society - digital strategy
Used number of different media buying methods, including 'Cost Per Click', 'Cost Per Account Opened', and 'Cost per Thousand Ad Impressions'

AXA - Little Big Things
Integrated campaign: short form, online, mini-doc.s, also, print, outdoor, online advertising, social media channels, Zeebox integration and destination microsites

TV from BT. Manage all customer communications for BT's digital TV platform
Dedicated team to manage all communications to BT Vision customers: online, via email and social media, on the TV platform and through direct mail campaigns

Wella - Professionals. Create interactive presentation tool
Designed to use the very latest technology to show presentations. Allows P&G; to create interactive animated educational materials to be viewed on desktop, touchscreen and iPad.

Mitchells & Butlers (pub & restaurant operator). Save on training costs
Wrote the content and designed a programme consisting of six Flash based eLearning modules hosted on the eLearning+ platform

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