Case Studies

Australian Defense Force - Mobile Medic. To recruit medical students. Augmented app
Augmented reality mobile app - users interact to virtually identify and treat real medical conditions. Awards: Gold Media Lion for Best Use of Mobile Devices

Nokia: Foursquare Gift Machine. Interactive
When people approached the machine, they can open up Foursquare on any smartphone device and see the aptly named Nokia Gift Machine as a location on Foursquare. Then receive free gift

Heineken - Star Player.
Anticipate the outcome of match moments in real time - social experience
Awards: Cannes Cyber Lions

Skype: Sharing smiles with UK calling cards. Interactive
Created series of square feet painted murals. Murals were spliced into small pieces and applied back of Skype prepay cards. Overall image appears as people take a card

Volkswagen - Real Racing GTI.
Popular mobile game more-a-less sponsored by Volkswagen, saving a lot of money. Awards: Cannes Lions - Titanium

Barclaycard - Toys Unleashed. From a credit card provider to payment expert brand
Integrated campaign. iPhone game using augmented reality - skin-tracking technology to put characters from the TV ad in the palm of your hand. 'Tag' an ad using music recognition smartphone app

EA Games - Street vs Street
Digital campaign. Video. Social Media. Facebook app which people can upload videos of their football skills - Leo Messi judges which is the best

CBS (outdoor advertising). Interactive
A cryptic poster puzzle - featuring images that referred to the names of stations on the Tube map, the vivid tableau challenged people to prove how well they know the Tube

Orange - The Feed. Orange as a lovable, innovative brand making every day more fun
Platform dishes out surprising, personalized treats, while presenting services, offers and values in a truly engaging way. Asking for a little something from users, and rewarding them with real generosity

Xperia X10 - Product launch in US.
Viral. Created the fictional 'Product Testing Institute' with each mobile user reflecting the mobile manufacturer. Awards: Cannes Lions