Case Studies

Skype: Sharing smiles with UK calling cards. Interactive
Created series of square feet painted murals. Murals were spliced into small pieces and applied back of Skype prepay cards. Overall image appears as people take a card

CBS (outdoor advertising). Interactive
A cryptic poster puzzle - featuring images that referred to the names of stations on the Tube map, the vivid tableau challenged people to prove how well they know the Tube

Brit Oval - The Wicket Widget
Desktop application. Cricket fans can keep up with their friends about cricket by throwing each other a cricket ball with message inside.

Easyjet. Make brand more fun. Desktop application
Created easyjet skinker, a paper plane that flies onto your desktop with info you requested from the BBC, music, and holiday deals

EE - Make Hackney Sparkle. Help bring community together at Christmas
Posters encouraged people to make a call or check in using Foursquare - rewarded with a lovely blast of Let it Snow by Dean Martin and their very own snow blizzard

Motilo Shop Together. Create high-end fashion social shopping experience & WOM
Connect via video chat and collaboratively tweak their look, before sharing it with the Motilo community or social networks. Awards: Guardian MEGA - Best New Website

LG - introducing the world's first motorised dust compression vacuum - interactive animation
Explain the technology using animation. Used atmospheric lighting, and slow motion camera shot. Also, used banner ads to site

National Trust - My Farm. Connect an urban audience with farming and food production
Wannabe farmers pay an annual subscription to join the MyFarm community, which gives them the right to vote on every key decision involved in running the farm. Awards: Charity and Not-for-Profit - Revolution

Macmillan Infi-Knit. Raise awareness of cancer-related 'fuel poverty'
People from all over the UK watched online as their piece of scarf was knitted into the world's longest knitted petition, which was then presented to No.10 Downing Street

Hotel Chocolat - From Facebook to football in one day
Invited Facebook likers to check in to Hotel Chocolat. With special key they can access a freebie. To get freebie, they have to pop into store.