Case Studies

4GEE - Bacon Dont Buffer. How watching YouTube is even better with 4GEE
Created an episode of Jamie Olivers Food Tube featuring Kevin Bacon, a bacon sarnie battle and a rather special 4GEE twist

Refuge: Support a friend
Creating a thought-provoking interactive video campaign that combines engaging content with practical advice (furniture). Viral online awareness campaign
Spook interactive gameshow shot in HD. Russel Brand type character. Showcasing some of Purves products with discounts. More you remember, greater the discount.

Vodafone - Evolution of Mobile. Video
Used multi-projector small-scale projection mapping installation use to tell the history of Vodafone and mobile phones

Coca-Cola Arctic. Brand engagement with Ridley Scott's polar bear animation film
6 minute animated short, distributed on digital channels only, taking a closer look at the family dynamics. Other content marketing. Also, Facebook and Twitter.

Brother. Get people talking, smiling, and sharing
Brigitte is a loveable labelling obsessive. In the video, we experience a day in her life; a humour-filled yet heart-warming slice of life that uses her obsession to comic effect

The Stand Up Kid. Make aware of teenagers with mental health issues
Three minute film
Awards: British Arrows

Water Aid - Raise awareness of terrible conditions. Video
Animation and photography. Created 2.5D video to show difference that Water Aid is making in Bangladesh.