Case Studies

Bingo Client. maximise their conversion rate
Latitude targeted two pools of users using cookies of those who had landed on a splash page and not registered, and those who had registered and not gone on to deposi

The Saville Row Company.
Change made to ad copy in particular in terms of updating offers. Made a note of what was going on in media in terms of how the campaign was put together. A lot of AB testign

Tesco Telecoms
A combination of an initial page re-design to apply the new look and feel and branding of Tesco Phone Shop with an MVT to refine the new design proved to be a very successful venture

Gladstone Brookes. Carry out an account review deliver training
Carried out review on their Google AdWords, looking at: Account structure, Keyword match types, Keyword coverage, Keyword Quality Score, Bid and budget management and more

Which? (information provider). Sign up subscribers
Developed dedicated campaign site, specifically designed to take the traffic generated from the campaign and convert the visitors into subscribers. And more

Moonfruit - PPC
Worked out the types of correlation between the two transactions, across different search terms. Then assessed the different values to free registrations for each campaign

Virgin Experience Days - remarketing lists for search ads
Take a mature, highly optimised and extended campaign and find a way to grow it efficiently, gain additional revenue and get additional customers

OYYY (ink cartridges, printers etc)
Needed to sharpen AdWords campaigns. How? A product feed. Using a tool Stickyeyes developed in-house, ads were automatically updated in-line with price changes and stock levels. - PPC
Sophisticated tracking solutions were implemented. combined search engine data, client customer information and own tracking pixel info to create a comprehensive dashboard with daily data
PPC. Implemented 22 dynamic campaigns in Google, 22 campaigns in Yahoo, which ran in the new Panama platform, and ran campaigns at maximum capacity in MSN