Case Studies

The Open Championship. Providing CMS and CRM
Provide the multi-lingual Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management on a fully hosting platform, which is monitored and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wiltshire Farm Foods. Integrated digital
SEO, PPC, email marketing, online PR, and more

Greenpeace. Donation product
Co-created LiFE, a brand new donation product, and supporting digital material

Channel 4 Paralympic Games
Website, social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and content marketing (built a dedicated editorial team to manage content across the website and social media channels)

Coldspell - Agency Republic Christmas Card. Return greeting a bit more traditional & personal
Created site turns names into snowflake patterns. Snowflake pattern cut and then hand-assembled. Card came with QR code, linking back to site to see story of their snowflakes

Phoenix (health consultants). Various digital work
SEO, social media, email marketing, web design and build.

Experian - CreditExpert - Banner ads
A series of banner ads that carefully tailored the campaigns key messages to get the most out of the creative assets in the digital medium

Argos - Giant Range. Drive awareness of product range
Integrated campaign. Invitation to guess how many items are inside a massive jar filled with life-size products, from teddies to TVs. Users driven to landing page via email, viral seeding, blogging etc

Yorkshire Building Society - digital strategy
Used number of different media buying methods, including 'Cost Per Click', 'Cost Per Account Opened', and 'Cost per Thousand Ad Impressions'

AXA - Little Big Things
Integrated campaign: short form, online, mini-doc.s, also, print, outdoor, online advertising, social media channels, Zeebox integration and destination microsites

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