Case Studies

Orange - The Feed. Orange as a lovable, innovative brand making every day more fun
Platform dishes out surprising, personalized treats, while presenting services, offers and values in a truly engaging way. Asking for a little something from users, and rewarding them with real generosity

The Gauge - Generate buzz and excitement around the launch of the Huffington Post UK
A real-time tool for measuring public opinion about breaking news, in a distinctly social way: a simple way for the general public, alongside bloggers, to have their say about the breaking news agenda

Nokia/ELLE: Style Correspondent. Reaching new audiences
Launched Search for the Next Style Correspondent on the Nokia global Facebook page and The 8 finalists attended New York Fashion Week

Orange - Phone Fund. Celebrate Oranges Phone Fund promotion
A live, social network-powered game of chance - starring a giant pair of wind-up (robotic) teeth. Teeth controlled from Facebook or Twitter

Tourism Ireland. Tyler and Amy's Mystery Tour
Sent Tyler and Amy on five-day live online Mystery Tour across Ireland. Since they had no idea where they were going, they had to rely on the audience to solve clues and guide them

M&S.; A social Christmas. Avoid Xmas stress with a new type of campaign
1 #GreatestHits turned the M&S; Christmas TV ad into a social event. 2) 'Pass the Parcel' - social gifting game. 3) Thanks a Million - thanked fans with a million pennies to give to charity

Royal Mail - The Physical Network. Social Media
The world's first social network with content you can't copy and paste. An area in Pall Mall, Central London, was turned into the Real Network for six weeks

Ribena - Transforming consumer perceptions through smart social marketing
Delivered range of activity across major social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Ribena website and consumer database

TNT - social media for customer service:
Social media monitoring. By picking up Twitter conversations that were already taking place, able to engage with customers

Channel 4 - Snippets
Cross-platform app prototype responds to time, visual and audio triggers within a TV show and delivers a clip of footage on screen. Can then review and share via social media