Case Studies

Mini - Not normal. Global brand positioning.
Campaign pays homage to MINI owners by celebrating the creative ways they show their love for the brand. Across digital and social channels as well as traditional media

Relentless (sports drink). Brand digital strategy. Grow the community
Content marketing. Website. Social Media
Best Website - Revolution Awards

City of Melbourne. Customer-centric, outcome-focused digital business transformation
7 strategic principles to focus on: thinking, design, experiences, content, mobile, governance/leadership and sustainability/continual delivery

Errol Flynn Filmhouse - Create distinct, refined film for film lovers
Developed contemporary identity, referencing a rich cinematic heritage yet feels modern and refined. Simple, clever typographic logo - works well in both physical and digital world

Getty Images - The Watermark. Change brand perceptions from cold & exclusive
Instead of just altering the logo design, we made the Watermark useful by embedding a behaviour in it, in the form of a quick link to purchase.

Volkswagen Contact Strategy
Intensive data analysis covering length of ownership, model migration and enquiry behaviour identified key points for messaging. A rolling multi-channel contact strategy was developed

The Scout Association. Create a digital strategy
5 year investment plan: web, mobile and social media. Audit of the organisation's existing digital footprint. Research project. Identified key-user journeys

Anglian. Drive more consumers back to the Anglian site, increase online enquiries via GDN
Created different combinations to re-target non-converting consumers - visitors to homepage; visitors to windows page; visitors to doors page; and visitors to conservatories page

Monash University. Help drive student recruitment, retention & more efficient operating model
Redefined web presence to more focused outlook, ensuring usable and accessible websites not only enhanced online experience to its key audiences, but also communicated Monashs brand value accurately

Rule Financial (IT services). A full re-brand across digital and print
Needed to get their personality across to the customer/client and we needed to highlight their knowledge and expertise. They needed a human face

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