Case Studies

Australian Defense Force - Mobile Medic. To recruit medical students. Augmented app
Augmented reality mobile app - users interact to virtually identify and treat real medical conditions. Awards: Gold Media Lion for Best Use of Mobile Devices

Heineken - Star Player.
Anticipate the outcome of match moments in real time - social experience
Awards: Cannes Cyber Lions

Volkswagen - Real Racing GTI.
Popular mobile game more-a-less sponsored by Volkswagen, saving a lot of money. Awards: Cannes Lions - Titanium

IKEA PS Interior app. Overcome the purchase barrier of 'insufficient imagination'
Using cell phone camera, customers can then position the furniture in their home and take a picture of it. Awards: Cannes Gold Lion

Nike+ GPS app
Using a chip in shoe connected to GPS, the mobile app provides various info about running, route and ability to share info with friends

AutoTrader UK. Make it easier for novices to buy cars
Allows people to take picture of any car and instantly get info about that make and model. Awards: Silver Cannes Cyber Lion - Mobile

Knorr Kitchen Academy.
A Knorr Facebook page that could offer more than just great content and deliver a brand-led service in the form of an actual online cooking school.

MTV - Under the Thumb.
Stream favourite MTV programmes wherever you are, whenever you want. Watch and chat live with friends. At home, app becomes a remote control, taking over laptop or PC

CBS Chello Zone UK Channels - Beam Me Up. Tap into Star Trek community
By pointing their app at a specially constructed stage, eager Trekkies were able to beam themselves off the Star Trek transporter at the event

Britvic J20 - Spin2Win. Interactive experience / order more of product in bar
21st century re-working of the old pub favourite used special edition beermats as AR markers to create the reels of the SPIN 2 WIN fruit machine, playing for 1,000s of prizes from the J2O Kitt