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Online Interview with David Airey (graphic / logo design blog)

david Delighted to publish NewsDrillDigital’ second online interview – this time with David Airey, leading blogger on graphic / logo design (with brief bio. / details below).
What the interview is about:
  • website design (impact on audiences)
  • working with designers (getting the best work out of designers)
  • logo (what’s it for)
    and more ..
NewsDrillDigital: How much, do you think, the overall design of a website can have on audiences in general?

David: How a website looks can have a huge impact on buying decisions. The most effective presentation for me, is one that is easy to navigate, easy to read, easy to find the info you’re looking for. I’d much rather read text on a white background than black (pet peeve). Some of the most common mistakes I see are not having readily accessible contact information, and not making use of images (text-only can appear quite dull and lifeless). A great website is one that fulfils its purpose. That might be to sell a product, to cater to advertisers with increased traffic, or simply to act as a playground for those wishing to express their innermost thoughts.

NewsDrillDigital: What are your main tips for getting the best work out of designers?

David: Give them creative freedom, and don’t show any negativity during brainstorming sessions. Every idea is a good one, as it offers something different. To be negative at this stage can lead to fear of speaking out.

NewsDrillDigital: What’s a logo for? / What makes a successful logo?

David: A logo acts primarily as an identifier – something people can associate a company with at a single glance. A successful logo should be appropriate, scalable, memorable, distinctive, practical, and simple.

NewsDrillDigital: What are your favourite logos of 2008?

David: CultureBus, by Kit Hinrichs. More info here:http://www.logodesignlove.com/culturebus-logo-by-pentagram. It follows the previous criteria for what makes a successful logo. Great stuff.

NewsDrillDigital: What are some of your favourite websites at the moment?

David: Those I visit most often include Google Reader (where I track around 50 or 60 blogs), Liverpool FC (where I keep up-to-date on my favourite football team), and BBC (for news stories). I chose Google Reader as my first site because it’s important to keep an eye on what other designers are doing / talking about. Life working from home can be lonely, so communicating on others’ blogs can help break the isolation.

NewsDrillDigital: What do you to get into a creative frame of mind?

David: Tidy. I can’t work in a cluttered environment, and find it stifles the creative mind. I’ve always been that way, and think I get it from my mum. I also find a good run / walk outdoors can help blow away the cobwebs – especially with the current weather here in Northern Ireland!

David Airey is a Northern-Ireland based, self-employed graphic designer and design consultant, specialising in identity projects (logos and business stationery). Portfolio.

(at the time of this interview, eyeconomy.co.uk was spotlightideas.co.uk)

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  1. I simply love David Airey’s work! Simple and effective. And the tips you give on your website helped me a lot.

  2. good designer and specially pretty talented.

  3. I’m new in the internet business field. I’m skilled in the graphics side, but I need info to learn about this business. I was going through your post and got a few pointers.

  4. Thanks allot David . This information could help in many situations.
    These tips are very effective.


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