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15 Top TV Ads for Use of Visuals with Music

Guinness – Surfer

1999. Surfers, tick-follow-tock, big wave, and wild-eyed horses. Music by British band, Leftfield, part of their track “Phat Planet”. Agency: AMV BBDO, London


Sony Bravia – Balls

2005. Thousands of balls bouncing along the streets of San Francisco to the music ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez. Agency: Fallon, London

Cadbury – Gorilla

2007. A gorilla on the drums suddenly blasts into Phil Collins’ ‘In the air tonight’. Fallon, London

Sony Bravia – Bunnies (Play-doh)

2007. Hundreds of play-doh bunnies run along streets in New York. Music She’s A Rainbow by the Rolling Stones. Agency: Fallon, London


Ntt docomo Xylophone (Japan)

Ball runs down wooden track playing Bach’s Cantata 147 in the style of a xylophone. Cannes Lions Silver. Agency: Drill Tokyo


Drench – Brains

2008. Thunderbird character dances to Snap’s very unThunderbirdish ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’. Agency: CHI & Partners


Chrysler Born of Fire (USA)

Cannes Lions Gold – Homage to Detroit. Music by Eminem. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland


Sony – Foam City (UK)

City streets + lots of foam. Music by Warren Ellis. Agency: Fallon


Reebok – Slow Rain
1997. Slow motion of rain and basketball in black-and-white


Back to the start Chipolote
2012 Cannes Film Grand Prix winner – farmer returns to sustainable methods. Music: The Scientist by Coldplay, performed by Willie Nelson. Agency: Nexus CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY (Los Angeles)


Schwartz: The Sound of Taste
Colourful, exploding food ingredient in slow motion. Music: MJ Cole. Agency: Grey, London


Skoda Cake
2007. The ad follows the making of a cake (in the shape of a car) to music from The Sound of Music. Fallon, London


Galaxy Chocolate: Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn look-alike takes a ride in a car, eating a bar of Galaxy chocolate. Agency: AMV BBDO, London


Adidas House Party
Music: Boogie Studio. Composer Pilooski Pilooski. Agency: Sid Lee


John West – Row (UK)
Short stills played together of fisherman rowing, surreally, through town to bring fresh fish to a shop. Agency: CheethmanBell JWT


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