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Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Tactics – Execution of Objectives
Digital marketing tactics are about executing digital marketing strategic objectives (for example, branding or lead generation objectives – for more on digital marketing “objectives�?, see Digital Marketing Strategy).

Tactics – Channels
Tactics involve marketing practices or activities such as content marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, mobile marketing and so on.

Tactics within tactics, objectives within tactics, cross-references, loops ..
Each of these channel tactics can be broken up into further tactics (or objectives – “objectives�? are part of digital marketing strategy). For example, content marketing can be used for branding (a digital marketing objective) or for organic search results (a digital marketing tactic). Social media can be split into platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and each can be used together as part of an overall social media tactic, or on their own as a single social media tactic, and can be used to fulfil specific digital marketing objectives (i.e. branding, lead generation and so on) or other digital marketing tactics i.e. (support) organic search results, (support) content marketing, and so on.
So it can be complicated with lots of cross references or loops between one tactic and an objective and between one tactic and another!

In fact it can get even more complicated when you consider the amount of tactics there are to choose from and which to choose. Choice must be made based on the part of your digital marketing strategy – chiefly on what your objectives are, and, on customer insights – e.g. who your customers are, where they are, how they interact with digital media in general, and so on. Then it’s a case of seeing what works well for others as well as testing out tactics for yourself. And, lastly, it’s a case of doing something properly or not at all. There’s often a fine line between success and failure in tactics. Do a tactic properly, and you stand a much greater chance of it working than not.

For some examples of popular digital marketing tactics for 2018, visit “Top 200+ Digital Marketing Topics People Are Talking About Right Now“. 




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