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Getting into Digital Marketing – Part 1

By Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk 

Getting into digital marketing comes in three main sections:

  • Part 1 –  what is digital marketing? / introduction to internet marketing
  • Part 2 – activities / roles / skills
  • Part 3 – where it takes place / work experience / creating a website / finding a job

Introduction to digital marketing
Digital marketing covers the whole spectrum of marketing within the world of digital technology – technology such as mobile phones, SMS, digital signage (electronic boards in shops, for example), as well as, of course, the internet. The internet is, easily, the most important part of digital marketing at the moment. And internet marketing (or online marketing) is the main focus of this 3-page article.

Introduction to internet marketing
Just as offline marketing has traditionally covered a big and diverse area of activity, the same can be said for internet marketing. Internet marketing involves the promotion of products, services and brands. This promotion can be in the form of creating general brand awareness or getting the audience to buy a product or service. It is, also, about developing loyalty with existing audiences. Internet marketing is, also, used for PR (crisis management, product announcements, general brand awareness), customer service, research, and much more.
Although for most people the internet has just one interface, there are numerous ways of using / experiencing the internet: email, research, shopping, education, games, films, news, music, social networking, storing photos and data, and much more). The ways for experiencing / using the internet are more numerous and dynamic  (not just the way an individual can interact with the interet in general, but, also, the way people can interact with each other over the internet) than those in traditional media. As a result the ways for marketing / communicating to audiences over the internet are increased too, to include specialist areas of internet marketing: search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and more.
‘Half of businesses already attribute 75% or more of their marketing spend on digital, it found’ source . The facts, alone, tell us that digital marketing is in a strong position. It’s particularly important with small and medium-sized organizations, at the moment, but, there is a still a big potential for digital marketers in the larger organizations who have been the slowest to adopt digital marketing in general.

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