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61 Top Interactive (online) Case Studies

Top interactive (online) case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide 
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Nokia: Foursquare Gift Machine. Interactive
When people approached the machine, they can open up Foursquare on any smartphone device and see the aptly named Nokia Gift Machine as a location on Foursquare. Then receive free gift

Skype: Sharing smiles with UK calling cards. Interactive
Created series of square feet painted murals. Murals were spliced into small pieces and applied back of Skype prepay cards. Overall image appears as people take a card

CBS (outdoor advertising). Interactive
A cryptic poster puzzle – featuring images that referred to the names of stations on the Tube map, the vivid tableau challenged people to prove how well they know the Tube

Audi Times Square. Bring the unparalleled new look of the A7 to life
Designed interactive billboard, featuring the Audi A7 on 15,000 square feet of LED screens. Users could could Tweet their suggestions, which appeared live on the Times Square Billboard etc

Brit Oval – The Wicket Widget
Desktop application. Cricket fans can keep up with their friends about cricket by throwing each other a cricket ball with message inside.

Lynx – Lynx Space Academy. Global launch of the new Lynx Apollo
Integrated campaign. Giving 22 people the chance to go into space with the Lynx Space Academy. Videos. Facebook and mobiles apps

Axe Anarchy: The Graphic Novel. Drive sales in overcrowded market
Created a graphic novel. But with the suggestions and engagement of consumers. Some of whom appeared in the novel. With real-time engagement

Unilever: Share Happy
Smile and get a free ice-cream from vending machine
Awards: Bronze Cannes Cyber Lion

Fiat Eco: Drive. Tell the story of fuel-efficient Fiat cars 
Connect car to PC. Plug in USB stick and technology then evaluates driving style of the driver and then recommends how to reduce fuel consumption. Awards: Cannes Cyber Lions

Macy’s The Magic Fitting Room. Connect to younger audience. Brand awareness & buzz
Using latest social retailing technology, shoppers could ‘try on’ latest clothes. Share their favourite looks on Facebook and Twitter

Foot Locker: Sneakerpedia Beta. 
Sneaker archive. Sneaker fans upload images and info about own collections, have conversations, share, knowledge in their passion for all things sneaker-related. Awards: Gold Cannes Cyber Lion

McDonald’s – Make Your Own Burger. Celebrate 40 years, consumers to choose present
Created company’s first crowd-sourced burgers. Built a configurator for fans to design the burger of their dreams – burger with the most votes would be launched in McDonald’s

Easyjet. Make brand more fun. Desktop application
Created easyjet skinker, a paper plane that flies onto your desktop with info you requested from the BBC, music, and holiday deals

EE – Make Hackney Sparkle. Help bring community together at Christmas
Posters encouraged people to make a call or check in using Foursquare – rewarded with a lovely blast of Let it Snow by Dean Martin and their very own snow blizzard

Motilo Shop Together. Create high-end fashion social shopping experience & WOM
Connect via video chat and collaboratively tweak their look, before sharing it with the Motilo community or social networks. Awards: Guardian MEGA – Best New Website

LG – introducing the world’s first motorised dust compression vacuum – interactive animation
Explain the technology using animation. Used atmospheric lighting, and slow motion camera shot. Also, used banner ads to site

Anne Frank The Secret Annex Online. 
In this 3D online environment, visitors explore the front of the house and the secret annex as they were during the period of hiding, and hear stories that explain in greater depth what happened there

National Trust – My Farm. Connect an urban audience with farming and food production 
Wannabe farmers pay an annual subscription to join the MyFarm community, which gives them the right to vote on every key decision involved in running the farm. Awards: Charity and Not-for-Profit – Revolution

Mountain Dew – interactive
Participants earned points by watching videos and recruiting friends through custom made banners, emails, or social tagging

EpicMix Season 2 (ski resort). Develop brand experience via interactive media
Interactive social experience – ski times, ski tips, with focus on EpicMix Photos
Awards: Mobius – First Place

Macmillan Infi-Knit. Raise awareness of cancer-related ‘fuel poverty’
People from all over the UK watched online as their piece of scarf was knitted into the world’s longest knitted petition, which was then presented to No.10 Downing Street

Hotel Chocolat – From Facebook to football in one day
Invited Facebook likers to check in to Hotel Chocolat. With special key they can access a freebie. To get freebie, they have to pop into store.

Pringles Rice Infusions – ‘Release the flavour within’ – interactive game
Smash animated games of rice to release flavours within and win great prize such as Nintendo wii
Light-hearted campaign to match the brand

Coca-Cola Move to the Beat of London 2012
Teens contribute to the biggest collaboration in musical history, the Global Beat. Teens create personalized versions of the track based on their social expressions in the Facebook Open Graph and Spotify.

Galaxy S III – Samsung. Try to outsell iPhone 
Interactive digital campaign demonstrating the content sharing capabilities of the phone

Coolpix S70 – interactive
Coolpix S70. By simply adding a bookmark to your browser’s toolbar, you can browse online photo galleries on Web sites like Facebook or Flickr

Mini’s World Recort Attempt. Pre-launch of Mini Countryman 
See how many can fit into a digitally-created mini in shopping malls. Including website and Facebook campaign, too

Drambuie. Reposition the brand to compete in the mixed spirits aren
Online competition to run your own bar
Awards: W3 – Gold: General Website Categories

California Travel and Tourism: The Game. Promote travel to California
Online board game based on state of California
Awards: Creativity International – Gold

Johnny Walker. Increase brand image / awareness in Korea
Interactive / integrated. A competition to recruit, inspire and support the most inspiring ‘Korean Dreamers’ and use the Keep Walking Fund to help them fulfill their dream

Giggle Maps. 
Geo-location based web application that allows users to instantly find, assess and book shows during the Edinburgh International Festival

Dr Pepper – The Pepperhood. Built brand and drive sampling activity 
Integrated. Online. Mobile. Players could win prizes and virtual badges within the Dr Pepper community. User-generated content. Awards: Best Integrated Marketing Campaign – Revolution Awards

Philips’ Cinema 21:9. Interactive
Users can stop the film, go behind the scenes and understand how the cinematic experience was realized. They can hear about the relevance of light, shape and picture quality to cinema

Xbox Halo: Reach. Launch of new game
Visitors able to control a robot which creates a point of light tagged with each visitor’s name. Awards: FWA Site of the Day

iSOFT (software provider). Needed communications platform for health professionals 
Created a new community brand; and built and managed technical platform. Discussion groups, blogs, videos and news. Integrated with social media channels

EA Games meets Silverlight: A world first
Created an interactive campaign to highlight the ground-breaking features of the new game. The rich user-experience centred on an ad-served, expandable banner and embedded microsite

Schmackos: Where’s Roger? (dog food). Give life to brand beyond TV. 
Recruited Australians to help find Roger. The campaign included social and mainstream media, including outdoor, transit, TV and cinema

Skylanders.com. Help publishers to launch the game
Created vibrant, dramatic web experience, bringing to life connection between Skylands and Earth and the characteristics of the Skylanders themselves. Mobius – First Place

221B (film). Promote new film
Online crime-splving game involving two plays and receiving wide social media and press attention
Awards: D&AD

Air Wick. Get consumer familiar with new purchasing model 
Developed an interactive interiors video experience, challenging customers to create their own digital room design, with the chance to win 250 pounds in home improvement vouchers

Polo – interactive video
With highly detailed vehicle sequences, an elaborate 3D-Visualizer, interactive 360 degrees views, photo-realistic video, wallpapers and screensavers

BT Vision Experience
Created John, personal online guide to BT Vision. Can play with the BT Vision+ box. Ask John anything – he might even dance for you. Mobile users included as well

Nokia – Finnish Christmas. Create engaging Christmas campaign
Created magical online 3D world, including Christmas tree decorated with Ovi apps for downloading and sharing, and quirky Finnish family highlighting gift ideas, discounts and offers. Awards: DMA Bronze

McCormick – FlavorPrint
Interactive service that helps consumers decode the flavors they already love, and invites them to discover, share and bring new flavors into their homes.

Alstom (energy) – iBook. Bringing an annual report to life
iBooks offer a truly interactive reader experience and the opportunity to make content richer by transforming flat graphics into immersive videos, infographics and animations

McDonald’s. Interactive
‘Do the Dip’. Point their card at their web cam, and a virtual McNugget will be there for you to challenge three different mini-games

Oxfam Trailtrekker Beardyman. Create site to raise money for project
‘Man Walks into a Barber Shop’. Interactive campaign. Visitors donate and choose a selection of beardy styles such as Northern Monkey, Chin Strap, Wizard Walker and Dr Gizzle

Lloyds TSB London 2012 Torch Relay. Promote Lloyd’s role as sponsor 
Main focus: competition. People nominate charity people involved in sport education. Site also told the stories behind the work Lloyds TSB does to support sporting talent

Lift of Derby. Web app
Build a web application that enables parents to organise informal lift sharing and promotes the environmental benefits of car sharing

Historypin – interactive
Site is still one of the most complex ever built on Google’s cloud computing platform Google App Engine, giving it all the scalability of Google’s infrastructure

Edelman PR. Web app
Complex web application to help demonstrate the benefits of free trade agreements



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