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44 Top Social Media (general) Case Studies

Top Social Media (general) case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide (for Top Facebook Case Studies, click here, for Top Twitter  Case Studies, click here). 
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Orange – The Feed. Orange as a lovable, innovative brand making every day more fun
Platform dishes out surprising, personalized treats, while presenting services, offers and values in a truly engaging way. Asking for a little something from users, and rewarding them with real generosity

The Gauge – Generate buzz and excitement around the launch of the Huffington Post UK
A real-time tool for measuring public opinion about breaking news, in a distinctly social way: a simple way for the general public, alongside bloggers, to have their say about the breaking news agenda

Nokia/ELLE: Style Correspondent. Reaching new audiences
Launched Search for the Next Style Correspondent on the Nokia global Facebook page and ELLE.com. The 8 finalists attended New York Fashion Week

Orange – Phone Fund. Celebrate Oranges Phone Fund promotion
A live, social network-powered game of chance – starring a giant pair of wind-up (robotic) teeth. Teeth controlled from Facebook or Twitter

Nokia: N8 Producers. Support launch and promote Nokias HD camera
Created N8 Producers – our anti-gravity club. Challenge 200 socially influential individuals who had a beef with gravity 

F-Secure (online security): Smarter than John. Encourage people to think about online security
Made-up character gives out personal, security info, and cards distributed, carelessly, with PIN details for Facebook

MasterCard – Priceless: Brazil
Website accessible from any device with a directory of places and activities informed by Brazilians’ social media activity

Tourism Ireland. Tyler and Amy’s Mystery Tour
Sent Tyler and Amy on five-day live online Mystery Tour across Ireland. Since they had no idea where they were going, they had to rely on the audience to solve clues and guide them

Diesel – Fit Your Attitude. How well they fit womens lifestyle & bodies 
A playful, dynamic social platform (Instagram & Twitter) using dedicated algorithms to analyse social media data and connect women with the jeans that fit them best

M&S. A social Christmas. Avoid Xmas stress with a new type of campaign 
1 #GreatestHits turned the M&S Christmas TV ad into a social event. 2) ‘Pass the Parcel’ – social gifting game. 3) Thanks a Million – thanked fans with a million pennies to give to charity

Metia Labs Near.me: Monitor your Foursquare movements
Lets users monitor trends in their own movements by applying data visualization from their Foursquare check-ins to plotted locations on Bing maps

Royal Mail – The Physical Network. Social Media 
The world’s first social network with content you can’t copy and paste. An area in Pall Mall, Central London, was turned into the Real Network for six weeks

Microsoft BizSpark: Spreading the word
LinkedIn marketing campaign. targeting US technology entrepreneurs. On Mashable, hosted Spark of Genius series. Sonsored online startup communities Silicon Alley Insider, vator.tv, and thefunded.com.

Ted Baker Lines. Launch SS13 collection with a global creative digital activation campaign
Created Ted Baker Lines – a campaign that ran across multiple social networks and encouraged our students to write their lines to win rewards. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram

Animas (medical equipment). Increase brand presence. Social media (online discussions) 
Created an emoticon dictionary for common terms used in daily community discussion online, specific to the culture of diabetes

Mavi. Brand spanking new site for a one of the worlds top five denim brands
Tumblr chosen as platform – rapid uptake by fashion communities made it clear that it was the most interesting, relevant building block to use

Skins – Tour de Velo. Increase social media influence
Engaged a cyclist to complete the Tour de France one week before the professionals using SKINS compression clothing technology and document the ride entirely through social media

Gap Styld.by. Digital catalogue to appeal to your audiences
Stylemakers create their own editorial spreads with the new season’s key pieces. Each look serves as the front cover to the catalogue to share and shop their favourite looks

Absolut Vodka ‘Absolut Mode’. 
Designers create new clothing collection inspired by most iconic fashion styles of all times, which were selected by the brand’s Facebook audience. Creative rocess documented in 5 episodes across blogs

Zwitsal – Eau de Zwitsal. Introduce new brand on social site, Hyves
Developed an application that worked like an online photo shoot. The ensuing images appeared on users’ profiles and acted as long-standing advertising in their albums

Dell. Social media strategy
Facebook: Content was categorized into 14 buckets, each with their own purpose designed to maximise engagement. Twitter: General day to day content revolved around the drivers

Ribena – Transforming consumer perceptions through smart social marketing
Delivered range of activity across major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Ribena website and consumer database

TNT – social media for customer service:
Social media monitoring. By picking up Twitter conversations that were already taking place, able to engage with customers

Channel 4 – Snippets
Cross-platform app prototype responds to time, visual and audio triggers within a TV show and delivers a clip of footage on screen. Can then review and share via social media

Lego Click – social media – online community
An online community that brings together innovators, designers, artists and creative thinkers to develop new ideas related to toys

BT – social media tools
Social media tools as an aid to learning and collaboration in the workplace, for the Digital Generation and beyond.

Nivea – A Date To Remember. Bring the product benefit to life for a younger audience
A unique, interactive YouTube video where viewers could make an already stressful situation even more stressful

Panache Lingerie. Position brand as key influence for change amongst women
Blog. Facebook. Twitter. An interactive wizard hosted on Panache’s blog and in a Facebook app, asked consumers key questions about their bra size

Hilton. Reach influencers to raise awareness of Hilton brand
Using blogger outreach network able to connect with prestigious fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers who could tell their, and Hilton’s story

Agatha Christie Ltd
Conducted a thorough social media audit that identified which topics make the audience engage in conversation and how that differs in key target markets

Lufthansa. Migrate Lufthansa Fans from RenRen.com to Weibo.com
Melt worries of fans on RenRen.com, educated them that weibo is full of interesting & exciting info they need

very.co.uk. Blog platform – cutting edge of design, at heart of conversation
Blogging. Digital community portal for Very.co.uk, utilising the flexible, open-source WordPress platform. Helped to define the blog’s content strategy

The Boxer Rebellion – music band. Website
Create central resource for the band’s fans – new website as a hub for the band’s content that had previously been spread across several online services and social networks

Lloyds Banking Group. Social Media
Used targeted editorial and forum tools to build relationships. Started a forum on the UK Business Forums website

Ben Saunders (traveller). Blogging
Ben and Andy, his expedition manager, needed to update followers of the expedition with daily reports from the ice

BC Dairy Foundation – user-generated videos
All user-generated videos were featured on our YouTube channel and the videos with the most views each month won a series of fabulous prizes.

AEIOU: Communication Shutdown. Raise awareness – autism
Asked users to shut down their Facebook and Twitter networks
Awards: W3: Silver – Social Network

Script (music band). Social Media
Our idea had to integrate across the fans’ favourite platforms: Facebook and Twitter

Maximmuscle (sports nutrition). Overcome a brand perception 
Social Media. Protein Project took the guys on journey of lifetime, providing them with expert nutritional advice, quality protein and leading training from some of world’s best athletes

Best Buy. 
Retail social media

Sea World. Build relationships, awarness, & increasing visits. ROI of social media 
Assessing success via links, survey and monitoring media in general

Fiskars (tools). 
How Crafters Transformed a Company

Vosene (shampoo): Uniting the nation’s shower singers
Crowdsourcing, social platforms, charity, a passion for music and a dash of celebrity. Serenades from pop legend Duncan James and fans

RS Components – DesignSpark Mechanical campaign
Organised a Design Challenge at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry with 25 of the world’s leading designers – broadcast in real time



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