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Online Interview with Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips.com


daily blog tips#

Daniel is the author of DailyBlogTips.comwhich was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog�? category in the 2007 Weblog Awards and is currently ranked among the 500 most popular blogs in the world (according to Technorati). He is, also, the founder of OnlineProfits.com, an online marketing and business training program.

What this interview is about: what the blog has become, blogging and Twitter, brand story, search marketing and SEO, and coming up with ideas for blogging, and more.

NewsDrillDigital: When did you first begin blogging? Why?

DANIEL: Back in 2005 when I got my degree in International Economics I was left with a big document that I had prepared for my thesis. I had put a lot of effort into researching and writing it out, but I was sure that apart from myself only two people would end up reading it, my teacher and my father…. Instead of letting the document sit idle and gather dust, I decided to chop it off into small articles and publish them on the web. That is when I started researching about web publishing models, and when I came across blogging. I built my first blogs with raw HTML files, and after a while I discovered WordPress and became a loyal user.

NewsDrillDigital: Is Twitter a friend or foe of the blog?

DANIEL: As long as Twitter does not get in the way of your blogging, I would say it is a friend. In other words, Twitter is an excellent platform to interact with your readers, find new readers, get feedback from people and so on. The problem is when people start hanging on Twitter all day and stop updating their blogs. I have seen a couple of bloggers who took the extreme step of abandoning their blogs in favor of their Twitter accounts. I believe that is a wrong choice for several reasons. First of all you don’t own your Twitter account. Secondly, it is very difficult to build a brand, showcase expertise and call people to action with only 140 characters available. Twitter will not replace web publishing, it will complement it.

NewsDrillDigital: How important is search marketing in blogging?

DANIEL: I think it is important, though not essential. In other words, it is possible to create a popular blog without worrying too much about SEM or SEO. This happens because Google and other search engines are evolving pretty fast, and as long as you have content that will make their users happy (i.e. people searching for stuff), they will find it and include you in the search results. That being said, if you operate in a competitive niche, or if you want to make substantial money with your blog and treat it like a business, then understanding how search marketing works is paramount. Finally, I don’ think there is a mismatch between search marketing and blogging. If we consider SEO, a great part of it is directly related to the content itself, and that is what blogs are about.

NewsDrillDigital: Has the blog developed into something bigger and better?

DANIEL: I believe you mean the general concept of blogs, right? If so it has changed, yeah. As you probably know blogs emerged on the Internet as online diaries, where people would share their thoughts, daily activities and so on. Over time, however, people started using the blog format for a wide range of purposes. Some started writing about politics, others used a blog to share their humor pieces and so on. Overall I believe that blogs become just a web publishing platform. A blog is a just a type of website, in other words, and it is not connected with the content that will go inside it.

NewsDrillDigital: Can a blog become part of a brand story in an important way?

DANIEL: It can and it has. For the matter of fact blogs themselves can become important brands. Many blogs on the Technorati Top 100, for example, have brands worth millions of dollars. There are also many corporations that are using blogs to solidify their brands. One classic example is Sun Microsystems, where the CEO himself (Jonathan Schwartz) blogs to update stakeholders on issues related to the company.

NewsDrillDigital: How do you come up with fresh ideas and material for your content?

DANIEL: One habit I have that helps tremendously is to write ideas down as soon as they pop in my head. Prior to doing that I would just say to myself “Oh cool idea, I will write a post on this topic in a day or two.” Then the next day I wouldn’t be able to remember it and the idea would get lost. I use a whiteboard, a notebook and the computer itself to store those ideas. Secondly, when the ideas themselves are not coming, I just take a look on different places. For example, I visit blogs and websites on different niches to see if any of what they are doing can be transposed to my own niche, I take a look at print magazines and so on.

NewsDrillDigital: What do you most enjoy about blogging?

DANIEL: Probably the opportunity that it creates for me to share my ideas, opinions, and to interact with other people from around the world while doing it.

(at the time of this interview, eyeconomy.co.uk was spotlightideas.co.uk)

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