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This post is really an introduction to getting into advertising as many of the particular topics on this subject have already been covered by previously published articles on this site.

A good place to start : What is Advertising?
Advertising has changed, distinctly, in many ways and for many reasons. Audiences, generally, have less time to hear what advertisers have to say, and there is far more competition, in advertising, to be heard. As a result audiences are more critical of advertising, in general. Audiences are now doing and experiencing more things than ever before. This challenges people in advertising to understand their audiences better.

Different Advertising roles.
Have put-together an overview of some of the main job roles in advertising: Account Planning (coming up with the branding / marketing ideas behind campaigns); Account Handling (being the face of the agency to the client, in general); Media Planning (selecting the best media channels for a campaign); Copywriting and Art Direction.

For general advice about getting a job in advertising (and marketing) in general: 75 Tips for Finding and Landing a Job.

This site, also, has other useful pages for those looking to get into advertising:
The Top 100 Blog Posts – Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR
The Top 250 Blog Posts – Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR
Marketing Case Studies (Top, right of site, in particular, 30 Top Social Media Case Studies)
Best TV Ads of last 2 years,  Top 40 TV Ads of last few decades, Best Print Ads of 2008

For those looking, specifically, to get into digital marketing, have put together: Getting into Digital Marketing

There are, also, useful categories , in general, on this site for ‘Getting into Advertising’ such as the ‘What Is?’ section (what is a Creative Brief; what is an Advertising Portfolio; and so on), ‘Resources’ (i.e Advertising / Branding quotes – in categories), and Articles (i.e Introduction to Digital Strategy10 Key Words for Creative Thinking; and more) sections – all on right of site – as well as ‘Interviews’ with leading people in advertising and marketing which provide useful, general insights into the type of work they do.

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  1. like this piece .am into advertising and marketing new and like to know more about it.so please will be very glad if u can mail me more details on it,thank u

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