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Digital Headlines & Resources

Top 100 Digital / Marketing / Communications Blogs – 2018

Compiled and updated by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk. 2018. For digital marketing strategists / marketers in general.

Split into 20 categories


digital marketing 2

  • Econsultancy - Digital Marketing General 
  • Marketing Profs - general online marketing including much content on strategy
  • Hubspot - Inbound marketing, social media, SEO, strategy, analytics, lead generation, and more
  • Online Marketing Blog - Digital PR, social and search engine marketing
  • Marketing Tech Blog -  latest news, best practices, products and services for online marketing, search engine marketing
  • Digital Marketing Ramblings - the latest digital marketing stats, tips, trends and technology
  • Chiefmartec marketing technology and how that’s changing marketing strategy, management, and culture
  • Marketing Pilgrim - with emphasis on online advertising
  • Portent - interactive, SEO, PPC, social media
  • Crowdspring -  online marketplace for crowdsourced creative services. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, big Brands and agencies 
  • 360i - media planning and buying, mobile, search marketing, SEO
  • Simply Zesty - social media, advertising and marketing, design & UX, and technology
  • Koozai - SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Brand Management 
  • Impact - Branding, design, inbound marketing,  SEO, social media
  • Heidi Cohen -  social media, content marketing, blogging, mobile, branding, PR and small business
  • Gartner - leading information technology research and advisory company
  • Vertical Response - various categories, mainly, email marketing, content marketing, and small business marketing. 
  • ViperChill - viral marketing, search engine optimisation, and blogging advice
  • The 60 Second Marketer - mobile and social media tips
  • Orange Soda – SEO, PPC, social 
  • RKG - Paid Search, SEO, Display Ads
  • iCrossing -  search, social and creative digital strategies

social media general


  • Jon Loomer -  Daily tips and breaking news to make you a better Facebook marketer and blogger
  • AllFacebook - The unofficial facebook blog – Facebook news, Facebook marketing, Facebook business, and More!
  • Inside Facebook – news and analysis


content marketing



  • eMarketer - Research, analysis, trends
  • Compete - “Optimize your digital marketing, business development, media planning and competitive strategy with Compete’s online consumer behavior insights”
  • Forrester - research

marketing general

  • Seth Godin - Marketing / branding (general)   
  • Harvard Business - general marketing articles
  • Neuromarketing -  marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli
  • Growmap generating more business, sales, leads, or visitors for different types of Web sites and businesses
  • Jim’s Marketing Blog - tips and ideas to help grow your business
  • Mumbrella – “Covers everything under Australia’s media and marketing and entertainment umbrella”
  • Duct Tape Marketing - Forbes favourite for small business and marketing
  • Web Ink Now - viral marketing strategies using blogs, news releases, ebooks and online media
  • Marketo -  latest trends and proven best practices in modern marketing







mobile marketing

MEDIA buying



  • Branding  Strategy Insider - Covering a broad range of branding subjects
  • Twist Image - Branding / Digital. Blog by Mitch Joel – Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing�? and called him, “one of North America’s leading digital visionaries
  • Hinge - Branding and marketing

digital pr grey



  • Get Elastic - e-commerce and mobile marketing marketing / apps

email marketing



  • Reel SEO - Resource for video marketers & digital video professionals





  • Entrepreneur.com – Business ideas and trends. The latest news, expert advice, and growth strategies for small business owners

The Top Online publications – with multiple articles published per day – for Digital / Marketing / Communications 

  • Mashable - Social media, tech and more
  • ClickZ - Interactive marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and reference in the world, online or off
  • Marketing Land -  Internet marketing news and analysis, along with columns covering practical tips and strategies
  • Brand Republic – Digital Marketing – Digital marketing section of online magazine that covers advertising, marketing, media and PR in general
  • Ad Age – Digital - Digital section of online magazine covering news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities
  • Marketing Week – News - Marketing news, opinion and information. Covering advertising, media, pr, online marketing
  • Media Bistro – Social media, advertising & PR, TV & video and more
  • PSFK - Advertising, design, retail & technology 
  • The Drum - News for the marketing & media industries






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  1. Thanks for including MarketingBlurb in your list!

  2. Thanks. We appreciate the recognition and are clearly in great company on this list.



    Branding Strategy Insider

  3. Now that’s an impressive collection of bloggers. Thanks for sorting and shifting them into categories for us!



  4. I find this type of list really useful and it always helps to point me at blogs I haven’t experienced or remind how long its been since I paid a visit to some that are great.

    Just a shame that my Business Coaching blog is going to be too general even though there is a lot of marketing content for small businesses.

  5. Thanks Susan, Derrick, Drew and Paul for your comments.
    If anyone has any feedback regarding how the format could be tweaked in any shape / form, please let me know. Or anything else.

  6. Hi, Eamon ..
    Thanks for the inclusion of both OneDegree.ca and MyNameIsKate.ca! Amazing company to be in. And I love the grouping – very helpful!

    Cheers .. Kate

  7. Good list – although it would be good to get more new names and small blogs on the list..there’s only a couple of names I don’t already know/read/subscribe to. And I’d suspect most marketing people are aware of Seth Godin, Joseph Jaffe etc…

  8. Kate and Dan. Thanks for commenting.
    Dan: I will be fine-tuning this list, and adding other (lists).

  9. I am outraged we didn’t make the branding section…


    Maybe not outraged, just sad…very, very sad. I’m officially crying directly in my hands as I type.

  10. Big Kahuna.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Please be aware that this list is not set in stone. It will be reviewed regularly.

  11. This is such an outstanding list, it’s a keeper and a passer-oner (if that’s a word). I know a lot of these blogs, but not all. It’s heartening to see Toby Bloomberg’s blog, Diva Marketing, included.

    One little error – not going deep enough, to some really fab niche blogs on marketing and word of mouth: where’s Customer Evangelists? And Lip-sticking? And, Wonder Branding?

    Actually, you can’t include every great blog, every time. I am eager to explore the blogs I don’t know — thanks for highlighting the best of the best. Great sharing content.

  12. Yvonne. Thanks. Will be providing other lists, too. For the moment, just focusing on this one (for general readership).

  13. Thanks for the eternal fame of ViralBlog.com
    We like your whole list as well ;-)


    Igor Beuker

  14. Thanks Igor. Find interesting / useful / enjoy your blog, in particular Viral Friday!

  15. Thanks for a great list (and thanks for including ConverStations:-))

  16. Can I suggest for the Itlian people our blog: http://www.ninjamarketing.it ?

  17. Mike and Alex. Thank you for your comments.

    Alex. I’m afraid English-language blogs only:
    1) The list is a worldwide list (of benefit / interest to people from different countries who speak English)
    2) We evaluate each blog using different criteria. In particular, quality of content (which we can only read in English).
    Apologies. Hope you understand.

    • Regarding non-English blogs…, translate.google.com is an excellent platform for translating an entire web-page, or a snippet of text, from/to nearly sixty languages. It will even detect the webpage language if you are not sure what it is. Maybe using the translate function a future/specialty list could be provided of other language websites that are of the same quality as these English-language ones.

  18. Thanks for the inclusion on this stellar list!

  19. Many thanks for including our blog about marketing to the older market. A great list of UK marketing and ideas blogs.

  20. Robert and Dick. Thanks for your comment. Glad to include your sites.

  21. Great list!

    I’d be remiss not to mention incomplete without a PR/SEO blog listed in the AdAge Power 150 and the Technorati 100 favorites lists that is not on the list above:

    TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog http://www.toprankblog.com

    Hopefully you’ll consider in your next update.


  22. Great content. I really found it useful.

  23. Thank you for including Customers Rock! on your list of Top 100 blogs. I love the way you describe my blog: focusing on happy customers. My new elevator pitch! :)

    Could you be so kind as to update my blog address, as it recently moved from customersrock.wordpress.com to http://www.customersrock.net.

    Thanks again!

  24. Lee, Christian and Becky – thanks for comments.
    Lee: –> Digital marketing category
    Becky: updated URL (tag line sounds good I think ..).

  25. Hi Eamon,

    Fantastic list; bookmarked.

    Please consider adding Real Fresh TV for a UK corporate perspective on Social Media.

    We are publishing the UK’s first study into social media usage amongst FTSE 100 companies…one blog post at a time.


    The idea is to create a resource for brand managers and account planners who are currently starved for UK specific case studies…


  26. Could you change the link for The Inspiration Room to its new home at http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/ ?

  27. Interesting list. Will be referring to it in the future.

  28. GREAT! Thanks so much for this list – Hope I get there more information…

  29. I want to become a media professional. As iam doing PG diploma in mass communication. I am very much motivated now from this article and the resources being shared by it.

  30. This is a very resourceful list of reputable blogs. It can aid greatly in information dissemination about important digital marketing issues.

  31. I have a marketing blog too , named
    “Marketing in a Branded World”
    can i know how to add it in this list?

  32. Thanks for your comments

    The top 100 Blogs cover all the leading blogs from the in advertising, marketing, media & PR from around the world. Selection is based on many criteria, including: popularity on major blog search / bookmark sites, the amount / type of comments, as well as other factors. There are many great blogs out there would love to include in list but haven’t been able to (because there are many more than just 100 great blogs ..).
    Thank you for alerting me to your blog, and I will bear it in mind for the future.

  33. This list is a great asset. Thank you for taking the time to compile it.

  34. This is really about the only list I’ve found of author compiled resources that isn’t skewed by advertisements. Eamon, thanks very much for your hard work.

  35. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  36. Wow, what a huge list of top blogs. I wish I could make mine get listed within the top 100.

    Awesome post! :)

  37. That’s a wonderful compilation of guru blogs, most have been providing wonderful resources for years now. I’ve been reader on 80% of these blogs at least once. Thanks for sharing the posts with everyone.

  38. Guerilla Billionaire, Mark, Jeff, Aurelius, Shri – thank you for your comments!

  39. Someone is missing! UK Queen of SEO and social media, Nikki Pilkington, e.g. see her 299 Steps to Web Heaven blog here:

  40. awesome cool collection

  41. Thanks for the list. I definitely want to broaden my marketing mix, as well as getting more info on some of the subjects listed on this post.

  42. How come Crenk.com isnt on the list??

  43. Thank you for this very comprehensive list. Many I am already aware of, but there are many that are new to me.

  44. I stumbled this list so I can hang on to it plus I Re-Tweeted it from the Tweet that I found it on. It’s nice to see the list and develop my own strategies from it.


  45. Steven. This list covers various subjects PR/design/brand communications/social media /PPC and so on. So many different types of blogs to include, here, for the general reader. Know your blog well so will keep you in mind. Thanks.

    Thanks Sheri and David for comments

  46. Fresh thinking and open-mind attitude is the key to online success along with social media and networking.

  47. Great list! Here’s a blog for small business marketing..

  48. Good list. Covering blogs from around the world.

    For a list of the UK’s Top 20 Marketing blogs, see this: Uks top marketing blogs

  49. It’s really good and important list am really thankful to you as well as I would like to tell you this is really a good article.Thanks for all the great work!

  50. What about http://www.creativecriminals.com

    I like that site

  51. indeed a comprehensive list, useful and educational, thank you very much.

  52. What about me? :)

    PR at Sunrise – http://www.worob.com

    @Worob on Twitter

  53. Great list.
    Take a look at Right Brain/Left Brain Marketing when you get a chance.

  54. For UK and European advertising, marketing, media and PR, I recommend http://www.brandrepublic.com/news

  55. http://www.wearemba.com
    you should add this one…they are featuring it on a number of industry websites

  56. Fantastic list thankyou, very useful great content.

  57. Thanks for the list of the top 100 Marketing and PR Blogs. They are very useful for my Marketing of my websites.

  58. What a great list. I am always on the look for top lists, and your list is great starting point. Lists are very useful.

    Well, this is my first visit to your blog! But I admire the precious time and effort you put into it, especially into interesting entry you share here!

  59. This is a comprehensive list. great job.

  60. This list is a fantastic help.

    Thank you so much for it!

  61. I’ve just started mine on trying to find a job in Marketing…any advice?


  62. Amy,

    You might find the following useful: Top 200+ Blog Articles on Career / Job Advice (including specific advice for finding a job in marketing)

  63. Fantastic list of top 100 PR blogs. I’ve subscribed to quite a few, perhaps a bit too many! Great that you’ve collected PR blogs from a range of angles including technology, government, business and entrepreneurship.

    These are all relevant divisions that play important parts together. With social media exploding, PR is really becoming an exciting sector to be in.

    - Tom

  64. Great list of blogs – I’ve got loads more reading to do now. What about listing my blog? Maybe next year? :-)

  65. Very informative sharing with such great details and I aappreciate every thing that you’ve done here. Just curious when we will have 2012 top 100 advertising, marketing, digital, media and PR blogs list!

  66. This is literally the most useful list ever. Thank you so much!!

  67. Have a look at Flashes & Flames, on the ‘fortune, fame and folly of media’. We’re growing fast..try..flashesandflames.com.
    Come and join us!

    Colin Morrison.


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