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50 Really Useful Ways for Marketers to Save Time Online

By E. Mahony – spotlightideas.co.uk – 2010

(Anything in green contains a link)

Browser shortcuts (Firefox, Chrome + Windows)

1. Open new window – Ctrl + N
2. Open new tab - Ctrl + T
3. Open link new window - Shift + Click on link
4. Open link in a new tab – Ctrl + Click on link
5. Close current window – Alt + F4 (Ctrl + W for W.E.)
6. Close current tab - Ctrl + W
7. Print current page - Ctrl + P
8. Scroll down web page – Space bar
9. Go to top of page – Home
10. Go to bottom of page – End
11. Open find-in-page box – Ctrl + F
12. Bookmark current webpage - Ctrl + D

Browser Add-ons

13. Firefox - The 7 Time Saving Firefox Add-Ons To Make Your Lives Easier - Smashing Apps + 6 Excellent Firefox Extensions Made To Save You Time
14. Chrome - 10 Time Saving Google Chrome Extensions – Web Design Ledger

Google Search Short-cuts

15. coffee OR tea - contains either of these words
16. “I love you” - lists this exact phrase
17. social -media – list “social” but not “media”
18. ~art – lists “art” and synomyns
19. games site:yahoo.com – lists query results for different pages on a particular site
20. link:www.google.com – lists all links to a webpage
21. related:www.google.com – related pages
22. define:art - definitions of “art” (“art” for example)
23. info:www.google.com – find info about a web page
24. (Calculator) – for example to subtract: type 5-1 into search bar and you get 4. Do the same with: +   *     /     %of

Social Media – General

25. Social Media Strategy - Do you have a social media strategy? What is it? What are your social media tactics? Do you plan how much time you’ll devote to social media each day?
26. Ping.fm allows you to post to multiple social networking sites at the same time.

Twitter – Tweeting

27. Best time to tweet? For suggestions, read thisthisthis.
28. Best time to get retweeted: 4:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) on a Friday - source: to Fast Company.
29. Retweet your most popular tweets (but keep the retweets as few as possible - retweet your favourites just once (if it’s really good twice, and if it’s really, really good three times, and as spread out as possible – so as to avoid spamming).

Twitter – Management Tools

30. Tweedeck allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles, split the program into columns and split the people they follow into group and more.
31. Seesmic for managing Twitter contacts. Messages processed in an email-like interface, can view and add to Twitter lists and save searches synced with Twitter.
32. Twellow is a Twitter directory. You can find contacts according to job type and country.
33. SocialOomph allows you to find quickly anyone that replied to you or your tweet, group people, reduce URLs, and more.
34. Power Twitter is a Twitter add-on for Firefox for playing video and music, seeing and sharing photos, search and track, and more.


35. Hide application notices: Mouse over the entry, and click Hide.
36. Invite a list of friends to an event without manually clicking friends. Create a list first. Click Friends in left column, and use Create a List to select certain friends. Click the Filter Friends to show only the list. Click Select All.


37. WordPress short-cuts list (when writing a post)/
38. WP Super Cache plugin (makes WordPress run faster)
39. Pages+ plugin (handle many pages more easily)
40. SmartVideo Plus plugin fast and easy way to embed video into site.
41. WordPress Backup plugin
42. Google Analytics and feed burner report

Web Design – General

43. 20 Time-Saving Tips to Improve Designer’s Workflow - Smashing Magazine   + 10 Big Time-Saving Tools for Web Designers 5 Website Design Tips to Save TimeDesigner´s Toolbox : 15+ Time Saving Tools – What´s your Secret? - Noupe

Web Design – Niche topics

44. Design Brief. Saving Time and Money with a Web Design Brief
45. Photoshop. 400+ Time Saving Photoshop Actions
46. CSS Tools / CSS Template. 15 Time Saving CSS Tools You Should Be Aware Of Creating a Time Saving CSS Template
47. Mac Utilities for Graphic Artists. 10 Great Time-Saving Mac Utilities For Graphic Artists
48. JavaScript Tools. Time-Saving JavaScript Tools to Speed Up Development


49. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
50. General Gmail time-saving tips

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