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Top 200+ Digital Marketing Topics People Are Talking About Right Now

By Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, May 2018

- digital marketing resource / stats / strategies / tactics / topics /trends / definitions / and more
- digital marketing reports / studies / guides / articles / presentations / infographics / and more


A/B Testing - 11 A/B Tests You Should Try – Slideshare presentation KISSmetrics
Algorithms Are The New Gatekeepers
- Slideshare presentation - Die Socialisten
Agile creativity - getting creatives to focus on speed and flexibility in their creative work. Google focusing on this with Think With Google
Augmented reality 
– where physical real-world is blended with digitally-generated virtual world. Mobile developers are doing, particularly, exciting things with augmented reality (see these case studies). Also, “Augmented Reality Most Helpful Tool for CPG Shoppers” via Emarketer, and article - Econsultancy. 
Accurate, high-quality data 
– With digital marketing requiring ever more channel-planning and audience targeting, accurate, high quality data is becoming increasingly important. “Can I Trust My Marketing Data” – article - Digital Marketing Magazine. 
Behavioural Targetting
 – capturing website visitor data for targetted advertising / marketing. “The Death of Behavioral Targetting” – article - Huff Post.
Big data - Enormous value in data, companies are now focused on how to capture it, use it, curate it and so on. Major challenges, however, on how to handle it see eMarketer. See more on big data from Experian’s report. But  ”What Data-obsessed Marketers Don’t Understand.” – article - Harvard Business Review
Brand Utility - “A Useful Guide to Brand Utility” Slideshare presentation by Ingmar de Lange
Branded content / brand publishing – brands seeing themselves as publishers with a team of content creators. “The Rise and Rise of Video Content” – video - The Guardian.
Brands acting smaller – brands focusing on being more local and meeting particular demands of audiences instead of just being big and all-encompassing. “Why Small is the New Big” – article by Laura Ciocia of wcgworld.com
Collaborative economy – consumers co-creating content and products. “The Collaborative Economy Will Double This Year” – article by Jeremiah Owyang in the Wall Street Journal.
Conversion rate optimization – doing more with your traffic. “What is Conversion Rate Optimization” – article - Hubspot. “Conversion Rate Optimization – Stacking The Odds For Growth” – Slideshare presentation by Sean Ellis. “100 Conversation Optimization Case Studies” – article - KISSmetrics.
Crowdsourcing – obtaining services, ideas or content from the online community as opposed rather than from traditional employers or suppliers. Wikipedia.
Customer Acquisition Barometer 2018A new annual survey
of marketers and consumers about acquisition practices by DMA with Mcdowall 
Customer experience opportunities for marketers – “Customer experience is the most exciting opportunity for marketers [infographic] by Econsultancy. “Why The Secret of  Customer Loyalty is Customer Experience” – Slideshare presentation - Eloqua
Desktops to tablets and mobile - as users experience more content on mobile, so marketers and designers, in general, focusing more and more on mobile over desktop. See “Tablets Challenge PCs as Leading Digital Video Channel in the US” – eMarketer.
Digital Business – Are You Ready For Digital Business? article (based on report) – Forrester
Digital Campaigns – “2017′s Best Digital Campaigns” – Slideshare presenation by Gregory Pouy
Digital Creativity ReportSlideshare presentation - W&CIE – Designing Territories
Digital Marketing Case Studies - 500 Top Digital Marketing Case Studies – list by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Digital marketing training  increase in demand because of growth of channel and increased complexity of digital marketing in general. Article - NDD
Digital Trends (B2B and B2C) - “Key Digital Trends for B2B and in 2018″ [Iinfographic] – Econsultancy
Digital Marketing Trends (General) – “21 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015″ – article - Top Rank Blog
Digital Stats - “Digital Stats for 2018″ [Infographic] Bell Pottinger
Digital Marketing Quotes – “17 awesome no fluff marketing digital marketing quotes” – Slideshare presentation - Oracle / Responsys
Email and content integration – Search Engine Journal interview with Jon Oleaga of visualbox.net
Employee advocacy – giving employees more freedom and confidence to talk about and promote the brand. “5 keys to a successful employee advocacy program” – article - iMedia Connection.
Experiential marketing – sensory/emotional brand interaction with customers. “What is Experiential Marketing” – article - Creative Guerilla Marketing.
Funnel - “Marketing Can No Longer Rely on the Funnel” – article by Harvard Business Review
Gamification - “Gartner Redefines Gamification” – article – Gartner
Geolocation – most typically used for describing the process of tracking the location of audiences in a digital environment. Wikipedia
Green / Environmental marketing. Not just how businesses in general follow green issues but, also, how their digital efforts affect the environment (i.e. the amount of energy that is required to load web pages and so on). Wikipedia
Growth hacking – marketing technique, focusing on creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics,  used by start-ups and entrepreneurs to gain quick growth.  ”Is Growth Hacking Right for Your Company” – article - Entrepreneur.com. “Growth-Hack Your Business With $0″ – article – Marketing Profs. “Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking” – Guide - QuickSprout. “35 Resources to Help You Become a Growth Hacker” – List - KISSmetrics.
Guide - Beginners Guide to Online Marketing – Guide QuickSprout
Influencer marketing – appealing to audiences most effective in influencing others. See some industry stats from this survey – Augure. And article “9 Tools to Discover Influenencers in Your Industry” by Top Rank Blog. “9 Principles for Influencer Marketing” – Slideshare presentation - Traacker.
Internet radio – popular. “The Internet Revolution Has Arrived” research by BIA Kelsey
Instore-shopping with Smart Phones – More details here
Integrated Marketing – rise of / importance of. Great article on this here (Econsultancy) and “Only 12% of businesses take an integrated approach to all marketing activities” – intelligence briefing by Econsultancy.
Integrated Online Marketing Strategyarticle - Moz
Interactive media – increase in importance of - report - Sizmek
Local marketing – increase in importance of in general. “National and regional businesses see local – advertising, marketing, promotions and services – as an opportunity to drive more relevant engagement with their customers” research by BIA Kelsey
Local marketing – increase in Loyalty & Transaction Marketing in local marketing - report by BIA Kelsey.
Luxury branding (going wrong online) – “Where are luxury brands going wrong online”? – article by Econsultancy. “Is digital the end of luxury brands” – article – Seth Godin
Marketing analytics – lack of talent. “New Research: Most Companies Do Not Have the Talent to Leverage Marketing Analytics” – article by Convince &  Convert.
Marketing automation – software platforms and technologies to more effectively run marketing processes. Useful for certain marketing processes but with limits – shouldn’t be ubiquitous at the cost of human marketing research, interaction, strategy and so on. “What is Marketing Automation” – article - Hubspot. Marketing Automation Resources – Resource – Marketo.
Marketing stats – “20 Marketing Statistics that Will Influence Decisions in 2018 [Infographic] WebDam
Media not social – “Wake up – Why It’s Now About the Media not the Social” - article by Convince & Convert looking at how the major social networks want to be media platforms over social networks.
Meta marketing - ”the synthesis of all managerial, traditional, scientific, social and historical foundations of” (via Wikipedia). Article on Lego movie meta marketing in the New York Times.
Multi-channel Marketing – using multiple channels to reach audiences. “What is Multi-channel Marketing?” – Article – Hubspot.
Narrowcasting – targetted marketing – increase of. Wikipedia.
Online / offline marketing integration – that digital isn’t a separate discipline to traditional marketing, but that both can work well together. “How to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing” - article – Mashable.
Online Engagement - “Better measurement, metrics needed for engagement. Nearly nine in 10 say online engagement is a priority, but just 45.8% are actively managing this” – via eMarketer.
Personalized marketing – demand for. Marketers Respond to Consumer Demand for Personalization – study via eMarketer. “How Online Personalization Can Create Compelling Customer Experiences and Build a Better Business” – article – KISSmetrics.
Proximity Marketing - localized, wireless content advertising. Wikipedia.
Real-time marketing – getting the right message to the right person at the right moment. “Real-time marketing about more than social marketers – Marketers define real-time marketing as personalizing content when responding to consumers” – via eMarketer.
Rich media – increase in engagement - report by Sizmek  Rich Media The Building Blocks of Branding” – white paperSizmek.
ROI – lack of training - 90% of marketers are not trained in marketing performance and marketing ROI – study by The Fournaise Group.
ROI Tips – “10 Marketing Tips that will increase your ROI in 30 Days” – Slideshare presenation by NicoleElmore.com
SEO, Social Media and Content Convergencearticle by Danny Brown. “ROI Measurement – Online Measurement” Slideshare presentation - ODigMa
Social, Digital & Mobile Landscape (Europe)report by We Are Social.
Social, Digital & Mobile Landscape (Worldwide)report by We Are Social
Startup Marketing – “The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing” -Slideshare presentation by Onboardly
Storytelling in 2018 – Slideshare presentation by Gary Vaynerchuk
The Internet of Things (IoT).Where an object or person is equipped with an electronic device connected to the internet. “The Internet of Everything” – Slideshow – Business Insider and Internet of Things – intro by NDD.
Target market – “Finding Your Target Market” – Slideshare presentation by Stephen Davis
Video advertising – increase in visual advertising - Adap.tv
Wearable technology - i.e. Google Glass and Nike Fuelband. “Between 2017 and 2018, wearable device connections to jump more than 704.5%” – via eMarketer.
Word-of-mouth marketing more effective than traditional marketing- survey by WOMMA and American Marketing Association



Blog post / article length creating longer blog posts with in-depth knowledge. See this econsultancy article here for more on this (and related blogging) topic. 
Blogging still important despite many reports, in the past, of its demise, with blogging adding trust and kudos to a business / brand. “Does It Still Make Sense For Companies To Blog” – article by Top Rank Blog.
Facebook Ads - “Facebook Fraud Response: Are Facebook Ads a Waste of Money?” – article by Jon Loomer. “Are Facebook Ads a Failure?” – article – Convince & Convert. “30+ Resources To Help You Excel at Facebook Advertising in 2018″ – article – KISSmetrics
Facebook Apps – “Top 25 Facebook apps: March 2018″ – article by Inside Facebook
Facebook – Branding Tactics – “10 Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Business Can Use” – article by Social Media Examiner. “Brands Screwing up Facebook” (“Facebook Did Something and Marketers Will Screw It Up”) – article by Jon Loomer. “26 Creative Ways Brands Use Facebook Status Updates” – article by Social Media Examiner.
Facebook Case Studies – “44 Top Facebook Case Studies” – List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Facebook for Marketing? “Facebook Is Still Failing Marketers” - article - Forrester. “The Great Facebook Swindle And What To Do About It” – article - Social Media Explorer. “Will Facebook Marketing Be Relevant In 2015?” - article – Forbes.
Facebook highest conversion rate for social media ecommerce traffic – at 1.85% – Report by Shopify
Facebook mobile company – “Facebook … Now a Mobile Company?” article by SocialFresh
Facebook organic reach decliningstats from Edgerank Checker. “Facebook Zero – Considering Life After The Demise of Organic Reach” – Slideshare presentation by Social@Ogilvy
Facebook Post Sharing – “What Types of Posts Get Shared the Most on Facebook” – article by KISSmetrics.
Facebook Resources – “Essential Facebook Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide” – article by Social Media Examiner
Facebook social media commerce / Shopify – “Nearly two thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores come from Facebook” – Report by Shopify
Facebook Stats - “By The Numbers: 105 Amazing Facebook User Statistics (Updated April 2018) via Digital Marketing Ramblings
Instagram – an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service which neatly fits some key goals of marketers today. Instagram Usage in the US Surges 35% in 2017, Rivals Twitter for Smartphone Audience – report - eMarketer. Strength of Instagram for brandsreport - L2 – Business Intelligence for Digital.
Instagram Marketing Guide – “The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing” – Slideshare presentation by Ross Simmonds
LinkedIn Business Leads - “80% of Social Media B2B Leads Come from LinkedIn [Infographic] via We Are Social
LinkedIn as a content portal - LinkedIn introduces Showcase Pages
LinkedIin Marketing Resource – “Essential LinkedIn Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide” – Article by Social Media Examiner. “LinekedIn Marketing Solutions” – Slideshare presentation by Jason Miller of LinedIn.
Micro video growth of short-length videos via apps such as Vine and Instagram’s video sharing feature. “Micro-video: how brands should tackle 2018′s hottest medium” – article – Marketing Magazine UK
Pinterest  visual discover tool that neatly fits some key goals of marketers today. “By The  Numbers: 65 Amazing Pinterest Stats” – via Digital Marketing Blog. “56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest” – article – Copyblogger.
Social engagement metrics – “Social Engagement Metrics That Matter – Measuring, Tracking, and Reporting FTW” – article by The Moz Blog.
Social media advertising – increase of interest of social media advertising across platforms in general. “The State of Social Advertising” – by Socialbakers.
Social media analytics tools - 61% of organizations using them – report by Demand Metric. “50 Top Tools for  Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Management” – List – Social Media Today.
Social media automation - for automation to take away a lot of the work of social marketers (i.e. timing) so that they can focus on actual social interaction. “Social Media Automation Guide Part1: Finding a Balance Between Automation and Conversation.” – article – Hootsuite.
Social Media Case Studies - “101 Top Social Media Case Studies” – List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Social media / email integration how social media and email work well together and the many ways of integrating the two. “21 Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media” – article – Web Marketing Today.
Social media engagement with brands soar but brands not responding nearly enough – “user engagement growing 9x faster than social networks themselves but 4 in 5 consumer questions go unanswered” – Social Sprout Index report. And report findings via Business Insider.
Social good focusing the brand on being beneficial to society i.e. the environment, charities and so on. Lists of Ted videos on Social Good.
Social media growth over next 5 years: 144% CMO survey (Feb 2018)
Social media / marketing strategy integration – CMO survey (Feb 2018) indicated that companies are failing to integrate social media with the rest of their marketing strategy. This needs to be an important focus for business in 2018 and the future. Specialized social media platforms – platforms such as Ravelry, thirdage, untapped and others, to reach niche audiences.
Social media is more effective than traditional marketing - 64% of marketers believe this - according to survey by survey by WOMMA and American Marketing Association
Social media on desktop versus social media on mobilefor more, see Comscore’s report “2018 US Digital Future in Focus”
Social Media Optimization – attracting audiences to website content via social media. Wikipedia
Social Media ROI – “How to measure social media ROI” - article - Social Media Examiner
Social Media Sharing – best worst times – “The Beginner’s Guide to Timing Your Social Media Sharing” – [Infographic] – Social Caffine
Social Media and SMBs - Nearly three-quarters of hypergrowth SMBs increased social media spending last year – via eMarketer.
Social Media Stats – 22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2018 - Via Jeff Bullas. “11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in  America” – via Convince and Convert
Social Media Tools – “29 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros” – Article by Social Media Examiner. “Super Tools – Social Toolbox” – Slideshare presentation by Search Marketing Expo
Tumblr – How Big? – How Big is Tumblr? [Infographic] Websitehostreviews.com
Tumblr for Marketing – “26 Ways to Market Your Business With Tumblr” – article - Social Media Examiner. ”The Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr” guide - KISSmetrics.
Twitter Advertising – “nearly 60% of marketers are spending at least 50% more on Twitter advertising than on other networks” by via  Useful Social Media
Twitter Cards  add HMTL to your site to enable Twitter users to share media rich content. “How To Deal With Twitter Cards” – Slideshare presentation - Big Spaceship.
Twitter Case Studies and marketing examples – 13 Top Twitter Case Studies” – List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk. ”9 Small Business Twitter Marketing Examples to Study” - article by Social Media Explorer
Twitter Engagement – “Twitter Reveals Which Tweets Get the Most Engagement” – article by Search Engine Journal
Twitter Hashtags “The Beginner’s Guide to the Hashtag” – guide – Mashable
Twitter and TV tie-ins - “Twitter takes to TV tie-ins. User growth slows, but Twitter’s ad revenues are growing rapidly – viaeMarketer.
Visual social media  the increased demand for visuals; with visuals connecting well with audiences and popular content to share. The task is to choose quality visuals, the right platforms to use them, and the right time to publish and share them. “Are You Prepared for Social Visual Media Marketing”? Article – ClickZ. “Social Media Goes Visual – article – AdWeek. “How to Create Visual Social Media Content” – article - Social Media Examiner. “How To Succeed With Social Media Marketing” – podcast - Convince & Convert
Twitter Stats - “(April 2018) By The Numbers: 143 Amazing Twitter Stats” via Digital Marketing Ramblings
WhatsApp - Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion. Mobile instant messaging service. “What’s WhatsApp and Why Did Facebook Pay $16 Billion for it?” Article – Mashable

Content creation – top agenda item for brands. See eMarketer for more.
Content curation – audiences are attracted to editorial curation, also, it’s cheaper to show past content than continuously create new content. “39% of marketers plan to increase content curation research” byCurata via eMarketer. “Why Content Curation Is A New Form Of Communication” – Slidshare presenation - Scoop.it.
Content Marketing Guide – “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing” – Guide – Quicksprout
Content Headache – “UK companies embrace content marketing, but suffer from “the content headache�?” – research by MSL London.
Content marketing authority – brands need to stamp their content with authority. “2018 Strategies: How To Become A Content Authority”. Article – Business2Community
Content marketing budgets to increase – report via eMarketer
Content marketing strategies - “Over 100 B2B Content Marketing Statisitcs for 2018 – article by  Top Rank Blog.
Content marketing strategy – lack of - 38% of marketers lack an effective content marketing strategy – study by Ascend2
Content Marketing Stats - “59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2018 Edition” List Written
Content personalisation – content personalized to a particular visitor. Article - Marketing Week UK
Content strategy (as opposed to content marketing strategy). See resource on this by Content Marketing Institute
Content marketing strategy. The Essential Guide to Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy – Guide - HubSpot.
Growth-hacking content marketingarticle by KISSmetrics
Localize Your Content - Slideshare presentation by EnVeritas Group.
Periodic Table of Content Marketingchart by Econsultancy
Short Content - increase of short content to meet audience demand, in terms of how they experience content through a particular technology or platform, as well as how they experience content at a particular moment in their day. “Short vs. Long Content: What’s Better for Rankings, Engagements and More [Case Study] Social Media Today. “Google: Short Content Is Not Low Quality Content” – via Search Engine Roundtable
The State of Content Marketing – [Infographic] via Marketing Tech Blog
Visual Content Marketing – “Visual Content Marketing Look Book” – Slideshare presentation by Content Marketing Institute.


Ads On Clean Sites Are Far More Likely to Be Effective Study by AdblockPlus
Ad targeting – or targetted advertising based on factors such as demographics, audience behaviour, and so on. Wikipedia.
Benchmarks - “Digital Advertising Benchmarks – 2018″ - Slideshare presentation by Dr Augustine Fou
Digital ad spending increases - “Digital ad spending worldwide to hit $137.6 billion in 2018 – Spending on digital ads will make up around one-quarter of total media ad spending around the world - estimate by eMarketer.
Digital and traditional in overall campaign. Advertisers Blend Digital and TV for Well-Rounded Campaigns - via eMarketer.
Dynamic Creative Optimization mixing online advertising with advertising creative. Guide by Sizmek.
Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) – increase in growth / success. “Nearly seven in 10 marketers say PLAs perform better than paid search adsvia eMarketer.
Guide to Online AdvertisingGuide Adjuggler
IAB Rising Stars Ads Outperform Standard Banners - via eMarketer.
Native advertising – advertising by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. “Native Advertising Effectiveness Study by IPG Media Lab and  Sharethrough” infographicSocial networks, media publishers see huge potential in native adsreport by Emarketer. ”Thoughts on Native Advertising” – Slideshare presentation - Content Marketing Institute.
Optimization Pyramids for Digital Ads Slideshare presentation by Dr Augustine Fou
Programmatic ads – using software to purchase digital advertising. What is it? Article - Digiday
Type versus spend - “Digital Ads – Type versus spend” - Slideshare presentation by Dr Augustine  Fou
UK ad spend hits £6.3 billion IAB / PwC Digital Adspend Study
UK ad spend hits £17.8bn in 2017 - Report - Advertising Association and Warc


Apps Case Studies - “Mobile Apps (35 case studies)”List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk 
App downloads - continues to increase
.App Downloads Will Double in Next Four Years” – via eMarketer.
Context awareness – mobile devices with location awareness
Apps / consumer time - most of consumer time on mobile devices is spent with apps – “Apps continued to cement their lead, and commanded 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time” - analyzed data by Flurry.
Apps – general. “How to Create a Great Mobile App”Infographic - Apadmi
iBEACON – new technology, allowing transmitters to tell iPhones, nearby, of their presence. “Trending the Future – Apple i-Beacon” - Slideshare presentation -Space 150 “Almost half of mobile consumers willing to receive retailer messages via beacon technology”research by eDigitalResearch. iBeacon short intro by NDD. 
iPad Case Studies - 15 Top iPad Case StudiesList by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Give Mobile Marketing a Push - Infographic - Responsys
Location-based marketing and advertising market to grow - “The total value of the global real-time mobile location-based marketing and advertising market will grow from € 1.2 billion in 2017 at a CAGR of 54 percent to € 10.7 billion in 2018″ by Berg Insight.
Missed revenue for SMEs without mobile websitesinfographic by Hibu
Mobile Advertising – Facebook – “Facebook Just Proved It’s the Future of Mobile Advertising”article - Wired.
Mobile Ad Market Soars 105% in 2017 Emarketer.
Mobile advertising hasn’t caught on on mobile as much as mobile usage itself. “Advertiser adoption hasn’t caught up with mobile usage. Mobile holds a 12 percent share of U.S. consumers’ media time, but only a 3 percent share of ad revenue” by BIA Kelsey
Mobile Analytics An example of its growing importance: mobile analytics Firm Flurry received $7 Million in funding
Mobile Marketing Best Practice Resource by Mobile Marketing Association
Mobile commerce – growth of. See Comscore and PFS Web for more.
Mobile data – growth of. See Cisco’s report for various data.
Mobile email growth - dominating desktop email. Report via Marketing Land
Mobile display ad spending rising fast in the UK-via eMarketer.
Mobile deal-seeking shopping – “Mobile Draws in Deal-Seeking Grocery Shoppers via Emarketer.
Mobile First Design – Focusing on designing for mobile first, ahead of desktop. “Thinking mobile first? Think again ..”article by Econsultancy. 
Mobile marketing / advertising case studies - ”34 Top Mobile /  Advertising Case Studies” - List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Mobile marketing / advertising growth – as mobile becomes more ubiquitous, the marketing community’s scramble for mobile marketing and advertising increases. Stats: Sizmek Mobile Benchmarks Across Industries, Mobile Ad Spend Increases Dramaticallyvia eMarketer
Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2018 - Infographic - WebDam
Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Outlook 2018 - Study - Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketing StatsVia Smart Insights. And “25 Statistics That Will Drive the Future of Mobile Marketing (Infographic] – Search Engine Journal.
Mobile messaging – Growth in mobile-focused social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pheed and others. “The 10 Most Popular Mobile Messaging Apps In The World! - article by Read Write.
Mobile path to purchase From research to purchase - study by Google with Nielsen
Mobile Revenue - “Missed revenue for SMEs without mobile websites” - infographic by Hibu
Mobile search – increase and sophistication of mobile search. Mobile search stats [infographic] SlickText
Mobile and in-store shopping on increase. “An overwhelming majority of shoppers use their smartphones in brick-and-mortars” by via eMarketer. “The Future of Mobile and In-store Shopping” - Infographic - Mobstac
Smartphone market share - for more details see for more, see Comscore’s report “2018 US Digital Future in Focus”
Smartphone ownership – growth of - from 2009 19% to 2017 65% (Nielson).
Snapchat - photo messaging app. “The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing” - Slideshare presentation by Ross Simmonds
The Age of Living Mobile - Slideshare presentation by Flurry
UK consumers / mobile purchases - 32% of UK consumers make purchases on a smartphone: statsvia eConsultancy.
4G users more likely to shop from their smartphone - Report by eDigitalResearch


Search – General
Search Marketing Case Studies -“29 Top Search Marketing Case Studies” List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Organic search
Author rank – creating Google authorship and attaching it to your content to increase kudos in Google search results. “Why Google authorship is so important for the content you create and how to set it up”ArticleBufferApp
Desktop Search to Decline $1.4 Billion as Google Users Shift to MobileeMarketer.
Google Analytics for SEOSlideshare presentation by Jeff Sauer. “10 Ways to Prove SEO Value in Google Analytics” – article by the Moz Blog. “10 Actionable Google Analytics Tips” article by online-behaviour. “Google Analytics Checklist for New Projects” article by the Moz Blog
Google’s Hummingbird – what it means and what you can do – Slideshare presentation - Search Engine Land
Google+ and SEO – the effect of Google+ on boosting search rankings. “3 Ways to Use Google+ To Increase Search Rankings” – article - Social Media Explorer
Google Ranking Factors -  ”Correlations, Testing & Hypothesis” – Slideshare presentation by Rand Fishkin
Guest blogging – In January (2018) Matt Cutts of Google spoke of the “decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO.�?
Local Search“10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today To Improve Search Rankings” - articleby Copyblogger. “How to do SEO for Local Business, WITHOUT Content Marketing” article by Search Engine Watch” – 5 Tips on Local SEO” – Video by RKG
Quality content is key, more and more, in SEO. “Quality content is viewed as the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic by 57 percent of companies” – report Ascend2
SEO IS Dead – Long Live OC/DC - article by Copyblogger
SEO Metrics - “The Death of Keyword Ranking Reports? 10 Superior SEO Stats” – article by The  Moz Blog
Single search journeys involving both traditional and mobile search“The consumer journey now takes place across devices” – report by eMarketer.
The Evolving State of SEO – Slideshare presentation - Search Engine Land
Traffic - “12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links” – article by the Moz Blog
Paid Search
Clicks Climb at the End of 2017, as Do CPCs - Emarketer
Forecast - “What Paid Search Will Look Like in 2018″ – via Econsultancy
Google Adwords Distribution HacksSlideshare presenation – by 500 Hacks
Google’s Product Listing  Ads - Search ads that include richer product info. “Google Sees Success with Product Listing Ads” – via eMarketer.
Guide - “PPC Hero’s Beginner’s Guide to PPC” - guide - PPC Hero. 



Agile Creative – The Future of Email?article - Econsultancy
Automation – marketers not making most of email automation
- report from Econsultancy.
Coupons help in email campaigns - report by Experian
Creating great emails - “How to Create Great Emails That Get Opened And Clicked” – Slideshare presentation by KISSmetrics
Landing pages
- “Landing Pages Are the Top Channel Used with Email Marketing” via eMarketer
Guidessome top email marketing guides: Beginner’s Guide by KISSmetrics, Small Business Guide,  Mailchimp Guide, Econsultancy email marketing Resource, AWeber Guides, and Vertical Response Guides
Mobile versus desktop email – “Increases in email-generated revenue – mobile: 52% and desktop: 18% – report by Yesmail. 
Personlization of emails – “all email communication will be fully personalized” – census by Econsultancy.
Stats – “The ultimate mobile email statistics overview” – By Email  Monday
Tactics – “The Most Commonly Used Email Marketing Tactics” – article by Marketing Profs


Device Fragmentation – “The Death of Web Design”article - ClickZ
Flat UI Design – design without three-dimensional effects – increase of. Wikipedia.
Grid-style layouts. “60+ Engaging Examples of Website Design with a Grid-Style Featured Gallery by Onextrapixel
HTML5 – increase in importance of. “HTML5 emerged as an important asset in the advertiser’s arsenal, breaking boundaries with new creative elements and expanding potential reach to mobile devices that don’t support Flash” – report by Sizmek.
Less text in design – there’s a drive for less text and more visual, however, balance need to be found between less text and being comprehensible. “Minimalistic Text-Based Web Designs” – Examples by Design Ledger.
Micro UX – attention to detail in web design – increase of. “17 Delightful micro UX effects and transitions for your website” – Examples by Econsultancy
Responsive Design – web design approach to optimize viewing experience across a range of platforms. “The importance of responsive design for B2B companies” – article by Econsultancy. “5 Top Reasons to Adopt Responsive Web Design in 2018″ – article by Web Design Ledger. “Responsive design: 25 of the best sites from 2017″ - article by Econsultancy.  ”
4 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design” – article by Search Engine Journal
Storytelling Design – see Forbes for more.
Website budget increases with SMBsvia eMarketer
Website Case Studies – “75 Top Website Case Studies” – List by NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk



Ecommerce case studies - “21 Top E-commerce Case Studies” – List - NDD – eyeconomy.co.uk
Ecommerce growth - “eCommerce to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2012 and 2017″ – report - Forrester
How Marketers Are Meeting The Challenges Of Always-on Shopping – Slideshare presentation - eMarketer
Quality over deals- shoppers looking for quality over deals. See CMO survey for more.
Roadmap for a Trustworthy E-Commerce Website - infographic - KISSmetrics
SEO for EcommerceSlideshare presentation by Adam Audette
State of Ecommerce Marketing Report 2018 – Slideshare presentation - Hubspot
Stats – “15 Mind-Blowing Stats About E-Commerce” – Research – CMO


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  1. Useful list, thanks – the trouble with online marketing and online generally is a list of any kind can become out of date almost as soon as it’s published as things are moving so fast !

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