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How To Market Your App

Firstly, Choose the right app

  • Research your audience (who they are / how they interact with mobile technology / digital media in general)
  • If the app is for functional purposes, does it solve a problem? What value is it to audiences?
  • If the app is for entertainment purposes, will it capture the imagination of audiences? Is there something special and unique about it?
  • If the app is for branding purposes, does it fit in with the overall goals / values of your brand
  • Make sure it fits with Apple’s human interface guidelines

Prepare for the launch of the app in advance

In general, successful marketing for apps, doesn’t happen overnight. The campaign need lift-off. Plan your marketing campaign well in advance of launch date, and initiate the lift-off, early on, by telling people about what you’re doing.

Build a website for the app

  • Where you can prepare people for the launch of the app.
  • Where you can create a story around the app
  • Where you can place attractive visual content for the app which people can copy – so helping in word-of-mouth
  • Where you can place YouTube videos with content about the app
    And more.

Social Media / Word-of-mouth friendly

  • Make your app so that it fits in, as best as possible, with social media – that it’s possible, in some way, to create a story around it
  • Build word-of-mouth properties in the app as much as possible (i.e. within your app include Twitter / Facebook icons / Tell-a-friend button and so on)

Participate in social media

  • Follow, and participate in, blogs and websites, in general, connected with what you do.
  • Forums – visit forums such as Touch Arcade. For a more developer-heavy environment, visit iPhone Dev SDK forums, as well as in app-specific Q&A discussion sites such as – Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn Answers and WikiAnswers

Sumbit your app to review websites

Submit your app to app review website, such as: Freshapps, AppVee, AppCraver, iPhoneAppPodcast, Apple iPhone School, MacWorld, and others.


Create a Facebook fan page


Create a YouTube video – use tags (and you can use your YouTube video on your website as well).


Think about existing clients – sending them an email with nice design of your app

App Store

Try to get your apps featured in the app stores (Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, Blackberry App World). Your app name in the app store should be longer than the app name on the phone, itself, and it should include keywords.


A successful campaign can be run for free. But, paid advertising is, also, an option.

  • Paid search
  • Promote app from within another app i.e. AdMob Download Exchange (allows new users to discover your app from inside hundreds of other apps), and,also, Medialets.
  • SMS campaign

Monitor / Feedback

Find out what people are saying about your app – so you can improve it. You can do this via:

  • monitoring social media in general (i.e. Twitter / Facebook / blogs / forums)
  • using specialist sites such as Flurry and Appcomments  
  • analyzing feedback from review websites


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  1. Thanks for this helpful advice. I just released a children’s book app, MELODY KITTY into the itunes store and have been researching ways to market it. Thanks again.

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