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The Different Types of Mobile Marketing

By Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk 

SMS – Short message service.

SMS – text messaging is a key part of mobile marketing. It’s the mobile equivalent of email marketing on the internet. But there are important differences (besides the obvious difference in viewable content – with the mobile screen being that much smaller than a computer screen) – one of the most important being that SMS is, generally, less spammy than email marketing. It has to be. Users pay to be connected to a mobile network. They don’t want to pay for something that is interrupted with spammy ads. Therefore there is tight regulation in place for unwanted mobile advertising in general, including SMS ads (however, saying that, spam has still crept into SMS – but is not as bad, generally, as email spam).

- SMS Shortcode. Brands use shortcodes like portalsl for their presence in the mobile world, rather like domain names on the Internet.

- SMS Longcode.

Similar to shortcodes, but longer. Advantages of longcodes (or long numbers) over short codes:

- available internationally
– businesses can have their own unique number
– numbers can be assigned long-term (suitable for long-term campaigns and more)
– cheaper billing than short codes
– more flexibility in throughout (form quiet periods to busy periods of use).

Despite these advantages, short codes are easier to remember than long codes.

Generally, short codes are more suitable for short-term revenue campaigns (i.e. TV shows, voting, and more) where as long numbers are more useful for certain types of brand communication (i.e. help desks, business applications services, and more).

MMS – Multimedia Message Service

MMS is an extension of SMS text messages, involving the sending and receiving of multimedia content, in particular, images but, also, audio and video content.

Location-based Services

This involves technology (i.e. GPS, software, and more) in which mobile networks are able to communicate information and advertising to subscribers based on their current location. Depending on the creative and marketing idea behind a location-based campaign, the scope for location-based marketing is big.

Barcodes / QR Codes
Mobile barcodes enable users to receive more information about a particular product or service. They’re, typically, placed in strategic locations (i.e. shop promotions, outdoor adverts, and so on) so that mobile users can easily connect with them.

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps have burgeoned in recent times, helping to make mobile the success it is today. Mobile apps are, also, used for marketing purposes. For example, they can contain adverts. Also, they have been used by brands in order to connect audiences more with the brand. However, recently, marketers have been focusing, too, on creating a mobile website instead of an app (and where marketing budgets are big enough, focusing on both – mobile website and app). Apps still work well, as long as they enhance the user experience in way a mobile websites can’t.

In-game Mobile Marketing

Mobile games are split into the following categories: interactive, multi-player, social networking, and casual. Brands are very much involved in in-game mobile marketing, via promotions and the sponsorship of games.


In Bluetooth marketing, a mobile device links into a hotspot with access to high transfer speeds. It is, typically, free of charge. It’s used for example, in shops/exhibitions in order to promote products/services.

Mobile Web Marketing

This involves advertising on web pages designed for mobile technology.

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  1. Thanks for the great post. I think mobile marketing or Bluetooth marketing will be the future of advertising.

  2. it is nice and very informative and its increase my knowledge about mobile marking .


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