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Spotlight Ideas – Submit an Article (Further Information, including Terms and Conditions)


1. People submitting articles can request articles submitted to spotlightideas.co.uk to be removed, without warning or reason. spotlightideas.co.uk will comply (but might do some basic research to ensure that the person making the request is allowed to do so i.e. that they are still a member of the organization under which the article was written, and so on).
2. Spotlight Ideas owns all content on this site (including submitted articles – but submitted articles can be withdrawn - as in point 1).
3. Strictly original content only (and this includes not submitting content to us that has already been published on your own site – you can publish content on your own site but once it has been published on ours, first).
4. Spotlight Ideas reserves the right to withdraw any article from this site without warning or explanation.

And other things to bear aware of when submitting articles to this site
High quality articles only. Spotlightideas.co.uk will only publish articles that are of high quality (interesting, but above all, informative, and so on). Our business model is based on quality content. This benefits not just Spotlight Ideas, but, also, people submitting articles to this website, as well. So if you don’t intend to submit quality content to this site, then please don’t! If, on the other hand you’d like some specific help / suggestions about what to write, then please contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.
No (indirect) self promotion. Goes without saying (and already implied, really, under “high quality articles only”). If your article is high quality, then a certain amount of people are bound to click on the link that takes them to your site. Self-promotion of an obvious kind,  doesn’t just affect this site, it, also, at the end of the day, reduces the amount of good, relevant clicks that people could receive from this site on theirs.
Promote yourself! Don’t worry, you’re allowed to promote yourself.  You can include your name and company name (i.e. John Smith of Marketing Agency) at the top of the article, and, then, include your name and/or company name (with link) and brief (no more than 20 words) description (and a non-salesy description), at the bottom of the article.
Original content / general copyright. Spotlightideas.co.uk is rigorous in ensuring that all content is original / does not infringe on copyright and so on. If after some research, there is any doubt about an article, we will do more research. With our final position on this being ”if in doubt, do not publish”.
Update content. We encourage you to update content over the course of time (updating information / adding more knowledge and a new perspective to your articles, and so on). Just send an updated article to us, and we’ll do the rest. If we find that there is content that is clearly out-of-date and needs updating, we will contact you. But, please, don’t wait for us to do this, as, no doubt, there will be many subjects which you will be more of an expert on than us!
Advertisements on our site. For the moment, the only advertising on our site is Adsense (one ad at the bottom of each page). We plan to introduce one banner ad on the left of this that will include links to jobs from our jobs.spotlightideas.co.uk job board (still in beta). Other than that, we have no other plans for advertisments (we want to include advertising to a minimum). But if things change, we’ll mention it here.
Rebranding of our site. We plan to rebrand our site, soon. “Rebrand” includes new website name and look and feel to the site. The content should remain more-a-less the same.


Spotlight Ideas – The Boutique Article Submission Site

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