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The Importance of Digital Marketing Training

Survey reports marketers unhappy with their new marketing skills
In a recent Adobe survey, marketers reported “Lack of training in new marketing skills (30%) and organizational inability to adapt (30%) are cited as key obstacles to becoming the marketers they aspire to be�?

Digital marketing becoming more complex
As digital marketing becomes more complex in terms of the options of technology and channels, the complexity of campaigns and integrated digital marketing approaches, so the greater need for digital marketing training.

Other good reasons for investing in digital marketing training:
- The Client Can Be the Best at Digital Marketing
Increasingly, the expertise and input of the client is becoming more and more important in digital marketing. It’s possible to be over-dependent on an agency when you could be doing much of the work yourself and better. Better because so much of digital marketing requires knowledge of a particular brand or business. Some areas of digital marketing, often, require agency expertise, in particular, development, design and coming up with creative concepts and ideas. And agencies can offer real value in consultancy work, overall. But not to be over-dependent on agencies. There are so many digital marketing channels and techniques and integration of channels and techniques that the input of brands and businesses is becoming, increasingly, crucial in figuring out digital marketing strategy and tactics overall.
- The growth of digital marketing
According to this report, 71% of businesses plan to increase digital marketing budgets this year.
- Other reasons
New business opportunities in digital
With an increased knowledge of digital marketing, directors can discover new opportunities in the digital sector to develop their business model or a new business connected to what they do.
Everyone plays a part in enhancing the digital reputation of the company
That everyone in the company has an idea about what the digital marketing strategy / digital branding strategy of the company is, and how they can contribute to it in whichever part of the business they’re involved in.
Save Money
And, of course, by investing in digital marketing training, you’re saving money on not having to use agencies in the future so much.

Most Popular Digital Marketing Courses:

  • Strategy & Operations 
  • Social Media 
  • Search marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Data and analytics
  • Mobile marketing & advertising 
  • Advertising 
  • Customer experience
  • Email marketing 
  • Online PR

Things to consider before selecting a training programme
A few things to consider before selecting a training programme. What are your goals? Can the trainers asses your current skills, and can they offer a programme to fill the gaps in them? How up-to-date is their training? How much (and recent) hands-on experience do they have? To what degree will they customize the programme or a part of it to your organization? Do they view digital marketing as an artificial add-on to marketing, overall, or an integral part of it?

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