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9 Top Augmented Reality Case Studies

Top Augmented Reality case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide. 
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Australian Defense Force – Mobile Medic. To recruit medical students. Augmented app 
Augmented reality mobile app – users interact to virtually identify and treat real medical conditions. Awards: Gold Media Lion for Best Use of Mobile Devices

Barclaycard – Toys Unleashed. From a credit card provider to payment expert brand 
Integrated campaign. iPhone game using augmented reality – skin-tracking technology to put characters from the TV ad in the palm of your hand. ‘Tag’ an ad using music recognition smartphone app

Tesco Choc A Block. Augmented Reality 
Scan their ChokaBlok bar using the ‘Tesco Discover’ app to reveal a video of the ChokaBlok factory and the delicious chocolate range being created by the Choklateers

Pringles – Pringoooals. Integrated digital campaign
Created augmented reality Pringoooals facebook page and online promotional advert with Peter Crouch and a 3D virtual dancing Peter and flash augmented reality engine 

Mercedes-Benz – City Golf. Re-energise association with British Open for younger audience
So our idea was to reinvent golf for a city environment – by using the smartphone itself as the club. To feel like you were playing real golf, we included elements of augmented reality

Pizza Hut – AR Menu Experience
Augmented Reality Pizza Hut Experience – of menus, take the trivia challenge, place your order

Lacoste. Extended brand global launch of LCST
Augmented reality. App allows consumers to ‘Bring the Colour’ to their city by scanning store window displays, in-store signage and promotional postcards 

USPS (US Postal Service). How to select the right package to post
Augmented reality. 
Awards: Clio, LIA, Hive, DC Addy

HSBC Augmented Reality
Harnessing power of HP Autonomy’s leading augmented reality platform, Aurasma, developed two ‘Auras’ triggered by HSBC icons giving access to video content

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