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1,000 Top Digital, Marketing & Communications Blogs in Aggregated Format

Welcome to eyeconomy.co.uk’s Blog Aggregator Contents Page.
eyeconomy.co.uk offers over 1,000 Digital, Marketing & Communications blogs and online publications in aggregated form. 

Why use our aggregators?
It’s not just about the quantity of blogs listed. It’s, also, about:

  • Sub-categories. We’ve split up the main categories into useful sub categories.  
  • Favourites. We’ve, carefully, selected and placed the favourites at the top in running order (“favourites” based on our favourites as well as the favourites of others based on amount of traffic, frequency of updates, comments, and so on). 
  • Speed. We’ve configured aggregator so that each page loads really fast 
  • Online publications. Besides blogs, we’ve, also, listed top online publications (e.g. Mashable, Brand Republic and others, in a separate column on the right)

So a perfect solution for marketing strategists and marketers, in general, looking for a quick and reliable way of getting an overview of what’s going on in their industry

The aggregator pages include:
(click on orange text to visit aggregator page)

Top 250 Digital / Marketing / Communications Blogs
Categories include: digital marketing – general, research / data / intelligence, marketing – general, mobile marketing, branding / digital, digital reputation / PR, ecommerce, social media, content marketing, and more

Web Design & Dev Blogs
Split into the following categories: web design – general, user experience, HMTL, CSS, WordPress / CMS – other, Photoshop, and typography

Social Media Blogs
Split into the following categories: social media – general, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, news

Search Marketing Blogs
Split into the following categories: SEO, PPC and analytics

Advertising Blogs
Split into the following categories: digital advertising – general, traditional advertising – creative, strategy / planning / branding

Mobile Blogs
Split into the following categories: mobile marketing – general, SMS, QR and mobile development

Graphic Design Blogs
Split into the following categories: graphic design – general, packaging, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Motion Graphics, Flash, typography, logo design and user design

Software Development Blogs
Split into the following categories: software development – general and Languages (PHP, JScript, Jquery, Ruby, Python, Perl and Java)


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