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44 Top Facebook Case Studies

Top Facebook case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide for
(Top Social Media (general) Case Studies, click here, for Top Twitter  Case Studies, click here). 
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Dell – Facebook Tour
Created a hub on Facebook for Dell Festival Tour – a suite of apps repurposed for each of the four 

Everton FC. Facebook
Teamed up Locowise – a groundbreaking Facebook analytics platform that gives a unique opportunity to gather real-time actionable data about the club’s page and

Skype: Say it with Skype. Explore ways of showcasing Skypes benefits over 121 calling
Created the Say it with Skype Facebook app, enabling friends to send special messages with the help of artists and performers – all framed in a group video calling experience that users could join via 

Topman. Facebook
Created Topman 360 – an innovative, interactive social experience that gave Topman’s fans the chance to win tickets to the event and view the show LIVE online from the front

Malibu VIP. Identify and reward Malibu super fans and increase fan engagement
Created Malibu VIP – a Facebook game. Awards: Finalist – Best Digital Content Solution of the Year (consumer) – 2012 International Content Marketing

Garmin (GPS technology). Facebook App
App that asks fans to tell Garmin what they love. In return, entrants would get the opportunity to win a Garmin GTU 10 with favoruites being

Heineken – Measurement Strategy. Facebook
Helped Heineken measure their brand strength and customer value via a multi-lingual survey on Facebook. Almost 12,000 surveys were completed across 6

Everton – Stand Together. Help Everton achieve tickets-target, bring fans & players closer 
Weekly draw – winning supporter has ticket delivered by an Everton player. Regular updates including video footage of the surprise meeting, countdowns and clues. Players take over fans Twitter

Cadbury Pass the parcel. Facebook
Designed a Facebook application to help launch Cadbury’s UK Facebook channel, promoting ‘Spots v Stripes’ and ‘Cadbury’s

Nivea – Wrapped in Friendship. Increase awareness of Christmas gifts, push brand message
App allowed you to buy one of the Christmas NIVEA gift sets for a friend and then created a unique sheet of personalised wrapping paper using your shared photos and

Radox Spa – Unilever. 
Creating spa packs for Facebook members, including specially commissioned music tracks, one of which we scientifically proved to be the worlds most relaxing 

Zynga. Facebook
Zynga wanted to re-engage with its Hidden Chronicles players. Created a Facebook Photo Challenge app that brought the game to life 

Everton Football. Analytics
Teamed up Locowise – a groundbreaking Facebook analytics platform that gave us a unique opportunity to gather real-time actionable data about the clubs page and content 

Energizer – Help for Heroes. Facebook
Designed two apps. First was a ‘totalizer’ that tracked donations generated by fans liking the Energizer page. Second: a profile scanning app that analyses each user’s presence on Facebook 

Xbox Lips Jukebox
Xbox Lips is a karaoke game. With Xbox Lips Jukebox, slap on some lips to your friends in Facebook and get the lips to sing with your favourite tracks. Awards: Campaign Big

Colgate. Brand story. Facebook
Asked the public to donate a smile to the children of Barnado’s. In exchange for one million smiles from the public, Colgate would donate 100,000 to the children’s charity

Dettol. Facebook
Facebook Connect microsite, hosted outside of Facebook, using open graph features to share promises on Facebook. Ran Facebook like ads and standard Facebook ads

Febreze – Thanks a Million
Febreze says thank you for reaching one million fans on Facebook. And thanks to Febreze for saving the day after so many smells during the thank yous 

Pizza Hut – Feed a Friend. 
Every time a customer ordered through Pizza Hut’s online ordering site they received 2 virtual slices; one for themselves and one to share with a friend. Facebook app

Adidas – Hot Seats (Amsterdam Europa League Final)
Seats removed from stadium and hidden. Audience had to find them by signing up to Facebook app and follow hints and clues from there about location of hidden seats

Topshop – Strategy and Measurement. Facebook
Recruit fans to enhance its market position in the US. Ran a targeted Facebook acquisition campaign and recruited 403,093 new fans in 42 days 

Heineken Music Matcher – Facebook. 
Created Music Matcher, a Facebook app that rewarded the most deserving music fans with festival tickets

Nissan – New Star of India. 
Held audition inviting fans to be part of a movie featuring a top Bollywood actor and 100 Nissan Micras. From the top 100 Facebook auditions votes, chose the winning 20 co-stars. Awards: Digital Impact (Gold)

Diesel: Sunamatic. Excite users about Diesels new range of sunglasses 
Sunamatic is more than a photo grading app – it makes a copy of each photo that a user uploads, stylises it, and posts it to a dedicated Sunamatic album

Nokia: Tron Legacy. Promote Nokias partnership with Disney
Staged a Tron Takeover of Nokias YouTube and Facebook profiles, as well as its flagship Nseries blog. Activity began with an attack on the Nseries blog

Federal Navy Credit Union. Facbook
Used our Facebook Ads API tool ONE Media Manager to create and manage ads in all Facebook placements as well as promoted posts in the news feed

Nike – We Run Paris. Appeal more to novice runners to take part in race
Facebook-enabled running course linking contestants’ radio-frequency identification timing chips to their FB accounts. Share how they felt during the race by running through gates on course, updating their FB 

WorldSkills London 2011. Facebook & Digital Strategy
Developed a series of campaigns delivered with bespoke Facebook applications that linked directly with Facebook’s Open Graph

Kraft Philadelphia with Chocolate. Brand launch
Created a creative VIP fans sampling mechanic on Facebook. Randomly chosen Facebook fans were offered a chance to find out a secret and respondents were given a secret VIP code

Fat Face (clothing). Social media competition
Created Facebook app – allowes users to upload pictures of themselves doing what they love to do outside of 9-5. Images then housed in a gallery of ideas to inspire others to get involved

Disney – Like Ralph (animated film). Help push engagement with their Facebook page
Players chose a brick from our wall to destroy, revealing exclusive artwork and potentially winning them one of thousands of pieces of Wreck-it Ralph merchandise given away during the campaign

Sky – Promote Anzac Day via Facebook
Specifically, swapping their profile picture for a real-life portrait of an ANZAC soldier for a week and publishing ANZAC photo albums to their feed

Max Factor Lip Tint Launch
Fun entertaining Facebook tool that helped inspire their experimentation with beauty products and looks

P&G Mums on a Mission
To help busy mums under daily pressure to get stuff done, we created Mission Control – the Facebook app that helps her tick off her to-do list online

Pringles – Help The Oversharers
‘overshare’ button allowed anyone to brand friends’ rubbish statuses as ‘overshares’ and also feature them in interactive video. Broadcast real overshares in our media to drive users to the site

BBC – Doctor Who. Help promote the 50th Anniversary 
Facebook connect is deployed to gain access to users photos and basic information to help make the creation of each invite as easy as possible

Always and UNESCO – A Cause Related Marketing Strategy 
Create connection between girls in France and Senegal, drive French girls to the Always Facebook page where they could participate in the campaign 

Betfair – Facebook
The Facebook audience is vast. However, the ambitious target CPA we were working with meant we had to be very selective in our choice of segments

Neglected Tropical Diseases (or NTDs) – NTD. Raise awareness of these diseases
Facebook page where they could find out more and read progress reports 
Awards: Sigi Gold

UK Models. Establish and increase awareness of the UK Models brand 
Facebook ads delivered based on location, age, gender, education level, interests, college attended, relationship status, and 

M&S Bank – To increase awareness of M & S Bank as a travel money specialist.
iCrossing developed a limited edition Facebook game – ‘Finders Keepers Currency Seekers’ – with 20,000 in prizes to give away. 

Facebook app. Allowed users to create a ‘Book It’ list of destinations and activities they would like to experience. The app facilitates the sharing of trip ideas amongst friends

El Porton (restaurant) – A celebration of Mexican cuisine
At entrance of each El Porton, customers – men and women – were given a mustache mask and invited to a use a photo booth linked to El Porton’s Facebook page

Credit Expert. Increase brand awareness and traffic to site
Developed a Facebook quiz based around peoples’ attitudes towards money, credit and thriftiness. Compared their views with the financial state of different countries 


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