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101 Top Social Media Case Studies

Top Social Media case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide. 

Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
Split into three different categories on three different pages. 
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44 Top Facebook Case Studies
From leading agencies and brands including: Dell, Everton FC, Skype, Topman, Malibu, Heineken, Cadbury, Nivea, Xbox, Adidas and more 

13 Top Twitter Case Studies
From leading agencies and brands including: Mercedes-Benz, Orange, 20th Century Fox, Huff Post, Odeon, Philips, Channel 4, M&S and more 

44 Top Social Media (general) Case Studies
Case studies using two or more different social media channels / platforms and social media in general. Leading brands such as: Leading brands such as Mastercard, Absolut Vodka, Lego and more 


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