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15 Top iPad Case Studies

Top iPad case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide 
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Stories of endangered animals. Interactive.

Mazda Interactive iPad advertising
Create content rich ad enabling readers to explore technical details not possible on other platforms. Includes animated intro, image gallery, technical data overlays and the current TVC

Visa Signature. Make people more aware benefits of Visa Signature
Bringing to life all the offerings of Visa Signature via an ad
Awards: Big Stars

Human Body (book)
The Human Body was reinvented as an iPad app
Awards: LOVIES, Mobile Innovation & Webby

Fly Delta. iPad experience for travellers
Functional as it is fun, with curated destination guides, trip management tools, customized downloadable entertainment, in-flight view of world below. Awards: FWA Mobile of the Day – Gold

BBC Top Gear – Top Gear Bingo Global TVC
App encourages Top Gear viewers watching the TV show to study the programme closely and mark off their bingo card as soon as they see or hear items on the app

Kia. iBrochures for iPad and mobile
The Kia iBrochures are multiplatform, interactive brochures, allowing customers to experience car models prior to dealer visits, through a range of mobile devices

Ebookers.com. Offer value add, raise awareness, increase bookings 
iPad app pulls together socially generated content from across the Internet, is tailored to the destination the user is looking to explore, and in a digestible travel magazine format

Gap 1969. 
Created an endless hub of denim inspiration where users can discover new looks, then buy their favourite products in a unique experience built just for iPad

TCS & Starquest Expeditions (travel). Bring the TCS trips to life
Developed the iPad application using Adobe DPS and Portico. The client wanted it visually beautiful, functional, and cost-effective

Lufthansa. Set the standard in mobile flight booking
Explore Lufthansa route network on interactive world map, bring up info on destinations worldwide with the touch of a finger. Awards: Annual Multimedia 

Totoya Creatures. Design solution for children to handle iPads
Created a hybrid: a physical and digital toy consisting of a furry lovely, an iPad/iPhone case, and a free, interactive yet educational application

Westside – clothes and furniture. iPad app
Created India’s first ever in-store browsing app, showcasing the full Westside furniture range
The app is easily editable, allowing quick content updates by Westside’s team

Coopervision (contact lens manufacturer) – sales team iPad app
App enables sales reps to keep all of their content in one place, making their daily meetings and presentations smoother and more efficient

Design Museum Collection – Enable greater engagement with their physical collection 
Tactile way to engage and learn about a selection of the most inspiring and important design classics of the last 100 years. iPad and iPhone


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