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20 Top Virals / Video Marketing Case Studies

Top Virals / Video Marketing case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Xperia X10 – Product launch in US. 
Viral. Created the fictional ‘Product Testing Institute’ with each mobile user reflecting the mobile manufacturer. Awards: Cannes Lions

4GEE – Bacon Dont Buffer. How watching YouTube is even better with 4GEE
Created an episode of Jamie Olivers Food Tube featuring Kevin Bacon, a bacon sarnie battle and a rather special 4GEE twist

Diesel: Eyewear. Make a video to promote Diesels new range 
A shoot with four top dogs who showed off the sunglasses character with aplomb, hanging out just as human models would on a high-concept fashion shoot

Refuge: Support a friend
Creating a thought-provoking interactive video campaign that combines engaging content with practical advice

Purves.co.uk (furniture). Viral online awareness campaign 
Spook interactive gameshow shot in HD. Russel Brand type character. Showcasing some of Purves products with discounts. More you remember, greater the discount. 

Smart (two-seater car) – Skate ForTwo
Asked world class skaters Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon if it was possible for two people to perform tricks on the same board simultaneously. And captured the astonishing result

Mercedes Benz – The Catch. Appeal to a younger audience
Using an ex-F1 racing driver, a pro golfer and the laws of physics, attempted a stunt never done before. And achieved an official Guinness World Record in the process

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. Wishes to attract a younger audience
Created a partnership with amazon.co.uk, taking over not just their website, but an entire warehouse. And filmed the original Top Gear Stig trying to fulfill an order in the car at breakneck speed

Vodafone – Evolution of Mobile. Video
Used multi-projector small-scale projection mapping installation use to tell the history of Vodafone and mobile phones

Coca-Cola Arctic. Brand engagement with Ridley Scott’s polar bear animation film
6 minute animated short, distributed on digital channels only, taking a closer look at the family dynamics. Other content marketing. Also, Facebook and Twitter.

Sony – audio products. Launch audio products across South America for Gen-Y
The moments right before something amazing is about to happen. Shot with a top director and photographer, we also drafted in DJ prodigy Madeon to delivery a killer soundtrack

Brocade (systems support). Help promote sales of support contracts 
Built a MyBrocade microsite that hosted a series of impressive tutorial videos that we conceptualized, animated, and narrated. These videos completely explained the capabilities of MyBrocade’s Online Support Tools

Brother. Get people talking, smiling, and sharing
Brigitte is a loveable labelling obsessive. In the video, we experience a day in her life; a humour-filled yet heart-warming slice of life that uses her obsession to comic effect

The Stand Up Kid. Make aware of teenagers with mental health issues
Three minute film
Awards: British Arrows

Water Aid – Raise awareness of terrible conditions. Video 
Animation and photography. Created 2.5D video to show difference that Water Aid is making in Bangladesh.

Widsor (whiskey) – Diageo. To get Koreans to really like the brand 
Video. Used drama, something of great cultural importance in Korea, and at centre stage would be a new legend, the Diamond Jubilee Club, Korea’s new and exclusive ‘secret’ society

Lexus Is. Support the launch of the new generation IS
Two-minute movie. Filmed IS driving through different landscapes and teamed up with high-end, Munich-based, 3D visualisation experts, RTT, to scan and take 360 degree imagery of environment 

Adidas – Messi film
The film leads viewers through to the adidas e-commerce page where they can purchase the boot

Intel – Bass Jump
Bass Jump again aims to demonstrate Intel’s pioneering spirit in a humorous way. This time around, five Romanian Intel employees dive from a rooftop onto inflatable cushions

Starwood Hotels ‘Made for China’ – online booking engine to drive sales
Created the ‘Made for China’ online campaign to drive brand awareness and online booking traffic. We developed an online romantic drama series 


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