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105 Top Digital Marketing (integrated / general) Case Studies

Top Twitter case studies from the leading digital agencies and brands – UK and worldwide
Compiled by Will Brown of eyeconomy.co.uk, 2018
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Barclaycard – Toys Unleashed. From a credit card provider to payment expert brand 
Integrated campaign. iPhone game using augmented reality – skin-tracking technology to put characters from the TV ad in the palm of your hand. ‘Tag’ an ad using music recognition smartphone app

EA Games – Street vs Street
Digital campaign. Video. Social Media. Facebook app which people can upload videos of their football skills – Leo Messi judges which is the best

Tourism Queensland: Best Job in the World. Promote awareness of this travel destination
One of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.
Awards: Cannes Grand Prix Cyber Lion – Interactive

CBBC & CBeebies. Help BBC to pioneer responsive design on their childrens sites
Provide ideas, guidance, designs and prototypes for the development of CBBC and CBeebies apps and mobile sites

Orange – Film Pulse. Promote Orange BAFTA, Orange Wednesdays and Orange Film 
Orange Film Pulse: a one-stop platform to collate and crunch data about what the internets saying about film – and distilling it in to one simple score

NUS. Promote NUS card, making it easy to get one
Wesbite, e-commerce, banners, email templates, screensavers, two Facebook applications, Twitter, mobile app

Freesat. Easy-to-use electronic program guide 
To make the interface as intuitive, instant, and integrated as possible, the new service is called and offers new features in a single easy-to-use guide

Pringles – Pringoooals. Integrated digital campaign
Created augmented reality Pringoooals facebook page and online promotional advert with Peter Crouch and a 3D virtual dancing Peter and flash augmented reality engine

Coca-Cola Musical Caps. 
Put sounds and music where teens least expected – inside the bottle. More than 30 different caps were distributed throughout the Coca-Cola portfolio, activating different instruments in the platform

Green & Black’s – The Art of Green & Black’s. Raise awareness of the new packs
Created a microsite where consumers could use the new Green & Black’s bars as pixels to create their own work of art. Artists with the most votes: chance to win their picture, for real, from bars

Very – Work It Baby. Help Very connect with Mums for the first time. Microsite 
Mums are busy. Decided needed to grab their attention at places where they congregated (online baby forums). Need for a campaign that delivered compelling content with a charming, cute twist

Audi – Road Frustration Index. Traffic tool
Real-time data visualisation map. Assesses cities and draws upon factors such as infrastructure, weather, traffic and driving sentiment (via social media) to bring more driving intelligence

Nike+ FuelBand. Measure activity
Carried out the user experience of a device that tracks your daily activity

Argos World Truck. Create buzz around time of World Cup
Integrated campaign. Consumers given chance of winning contents of a real delivery truck, packed with Argos goods, including everything needed to enjoy the summer of football

Land Rover – April Fool. Microsite
Created a press ad that ran on 1 April in The Times, announcing spoof product innovation to the world. Readers were then directed to a microsite for more info. Awards: DMA Bronze

EDF. Communicate message that EDF is eco-friendly. Interactive and banner ads 
Created 3D digital pop-up book with catchy song, with animated pages changing according to the rhythm of the music. And created banner ads to drive traffic to site

Pizza Hut – AR Menu Experience
Augmented Reality Pizza Hut Experience – of menus, take the trivia challenge, place your order

Audi City Configurator. Experience full product range
3D configurator within a ‘virtual showroom’, allowing creation of their perfect Audi. Customers can then experience the life-size product using the most sophisticated visualization and display technology

Windows – 8 Times Sq. usher in the next generation of Windows 
Integrated. Featuring Times Square, syncing 39 massive digital signs. Games, apps, pics, videos, seamlessly shared with all of Times Square

Bing – Bling it. Get Media Buyers to recommend Bing search engine
Digital Competition. The host was a talking dog, a pug called Peaches, which set challenges that could only be answered by using Bing’s various search features. Awards: NMA Gold

Mr Porter – Instagram
Launched a digital campaign, encouraging men worldwide to take photos and tag them MrPorterGS on Instagram

Jeep: Grand Cherokee Microsite. Reinvigorate Jeep 
Microsites, rich media and a banner campaign
Awards: ADDY – Gold: Online

Xbox 360 – Alfred At Your Service. Search Engine
Alfred At Your Service is a fully working search engine powered by Bing but certain keywords trigger results you can only get from Alfred

Wrigley. Integrated digital 
Interactive film, entertaining banners, Facebook fan page and more.

Adidas – Boost Activation. Bringing new technology to life
Harvested the energy from people entering and exiting the expo and used this same energy to project personalized motivational messages to runners when they needed it most – at the last leg of the race

Contiki. Promote the launch of South American trips
Using the Google Maps API, players tried to pinpoint the locations where the video subjects were being filmed – winner won an all-expenses Contiki trip for them and a friend

Fiat Abarth. Help bring Abarth to a wider audience
Microsite that streamed live video from the event
Awards: ADDY: Silver

PG Tips – Cuppa Love. Brand loyalty, brand differentiation
On-pack promotion connecting to: microsite, mobile site or facebook app. Supported by: eCRM, digital banners, brand site banners and Loose Women sponsorship (online presence)

Orange – Balloonacy. Communicate information about Orange tariffs
The worlds first balloon race across the Internet, in which dry product information became a rich, immersive and truly unique gaming experience

Arriva Bus – Student Spotify campaign. Integrated
Worked with Spotify to create / promote student generated playlist, with incentives to promote sales of the Arriva Student Saver ticket. Also, audio advert., display advert., social community promotion and email

ebay – Christmas campaign. 
sites we used included T-Online, GMX, Web.de, Yahoo!, MSN and a media first on the Facebook logout screen

Ebay – digital banner ads
A complex creative matrix was built based on factors including first, last, most popular category visited, propensity to buy, and frequency

MINI Psychic Roadster. Make brand more appealing to me
Integrated campaign. Online the Psychic Roadster experience was brought to life through a combination of media, message and search all coming together to give a unique experience

Microsoft Welcome Experience: Learning goes virtual
Virtual training experience for people in marketing and sales. From anywhere in the world and supported by a real-time CMS

The Open Championship. Providing CMS and CRM 
Provide the multi-lingual Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management on a fully hosting platform, which is monitored and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wiltshire Farm Foods. Integrated digital
SEO, PPC, email marketing, online PR, and more

Greenpeace. Donation product
Co-created LiFE, a brand new donation product, and supporting digital material

Channel 4 Paralympic Games
Website, social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and content marketing (built a dedicated editorial team to manage content across the website and social media channels)

Coldspell – Agency Republic Christmas Card. Return greeting a bit more traditional & personal
Created site turns names into snowflake patterns. Snowflake pattern cut and then hand-assembled. Card came with QR code, linking back to site to see story of their snowflakes

Phoenix (health consultants). Various digital work
SEO, social media, email marketing, web design and build.

Experian – CreditExpert – Banner ads
A series of banner ads that carefully tailored the campaigns key messages to get the most out of the creative assets in the digital medium

Mercedes Benz – CRM Program
Created highly exclusive and personalised, data-driven CRM programs delivered across multiple brands, to make each customer feel it was just for them

Argos – Giant Range. Drive awareness of product range
Integrated campaign. Invitation to guess how many items are inside a massive jar filled with life-size products, from teddies to TVs. Users driven to landing page via email, viral seeding, blogging etc

Seat Exeo – Bringing the launch to life. Online Magazine
Used Microsoft Expression Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio development system, Microsoft SQL Server data management software and Metias PageLife platform

Youtube Pulse. To help buyers understand Google’s Youtube ad. packages
Created a digital sliding wheel tool – a rich media presentation tool

Yorkshire Building Society – digital strategy
Used number of different media buying methods, including ‘Cost Per Click’, ‘Cost Per Account Opened’, and ‘Cost per Thousand Ad Impressions’

AXA – Little Big Things
Integrated campaign: short form, online, mini-doc.s, also, print, outdoor, online advertising, social media channels, Zeebox integration and destination microsites

TV from BT. Manage all customer communications for BT’s digital TV platform
Dedicated team to manage all communications to BT Vision customers: online, via email and social media, on the TV platform and through direct mail campaigns

Wella – Professionals. Create interactive presentation tool 
Designed to use the very latest technology to show presentations. Allows P&G to create interactive animated educational materials to be viewed on desktop, touchscreen and iPad.

Mitchells & Butlers (pub & restaurant operator). Save on training costs
Wrote the content and designed a programme consisting of six Flash based eLearning modules hosted on the eLearning+ platform

Intel – Make laptops attractive to 18-24s, get them to buy
Key channel for reach and engagement is the influencers network. Christian Joy, fashion designer – has 5 million followers, via her friend Karen O, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

USPS (US Postal Service). How to select the right package to post
Augmented reality. 
Awards: Clio, LIA, Hive, DC Addy

HM Revenues & Customs. Self-assessment online app
Making self-assessment tool easier to use
Awards: Government Computing (GC) Awards

Prostrate Cancer UK. Get men to recognise the symptoms of prostate cancer
Content marketing / social media. Awards: Best Digital Content Solution (not-for-profit / charities) – International Content Marketing Awards

Very.co.uk. engage with mums with children aged between 18 months and 8
Got kids to try out the latest toys, fashion & sportswear. Got them to rate them, share their opinions and rate each product. Email. Microsite. Social media. Direct mail. 

Channel 4 Food 
Website, content marketing, SEO. 
Awards: Media Campaign – Marketing Week Engage Award

Nokia – The Amazing Collective
Launch Lumia 800. Mobile seeding. Budding photographers to community-minded mums, were targeted. Mobile app. Content creation

Adidas – Ajax. WOM, buzz, social medai
The day after retaining the Dutch league title, we got three of the Ajax stars to personally deliver the first nine shirts to loyal fans who pre-ordered online

Anglian. Online advertising
Spongecell – unique creative display format for brand awareness and driving customers to Anglian site. Users interact with the ad and rollover to watch the video for info on EcoGain offer

BT – Life’s a Pitch. Establish BT as a credible football ‘player’
Content Marketing / search / social media 
Awards: finalist search marketing – Revolution and finalist International Content Marketing Awards

Warner Bros – Happy Feet (film). Creative work 
Designed and created the European digital advertising media campaign, where the aim was to emphasis the characters, the dance routines and colourful arctic fun with a number of bespoke takeovers

Virgin Trains – Fly Virgin Trains. 
Showed iconic high-speed Pendolino trains hurtling past clouds in Red Arrows formation. Ad campaign via press, ecrm and social media

Wagamama ‘art and eat. Integrated digital campaign
Integrated digital campaign, brand engagement, microsite, twitter, video, email and QR codes

Massey Ferguson – product launch. Integrated campaign
Microsite. Email marketing. Social media programmes designed to raise awareness. CRM and Social CRM (SCRM)

Very – Love Your Wardrobe
Integrated campaign. Put together an array of outfits to tempt, inspire and imbue potential customers with the confidence to try the latest trends 

British Council – Take Ielets. Marketing website 
Simple use, has clear call to actions and one of the key innovations in front-end functionality is the development of a new interface for the test centre search function

Econsultancy – online educational platform
Moodle was chosen as a preferable platform. To ensure a streamlined experience however, the functionality of the platform was stripped back to provide the simplest user journey

Arriva (bus transport). Integrated campaign
Rich media microsites, Data capture tools, Highly-targeted campaign copy, Online advertising, Social networking, Online PR and reputation management

Ella’s Kitchen. Digital strategy / integrated digital
International digital strategy, design, email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation

BP. Generating and applying ‘Insights’ – Interactive learning animation
Write, design and bring to life through high quality animation, a series of interactive and fun games

Kwik Fit Insurance. Affiliate marketing
Sent questionnaire to the campaign affiliates to discover what would encourage them to give increased exposure to the Kwik Fit Insurance brand

Cow & Gate. CRM. Build brand affinity when market changing rapidly
On web, mobile, social media, eCRM and offline, The Real Adventure helps Cow & Gate to bring thousands of new mums together to share their emotional 

Acer. Online Marketing Service for the Dealer Community
Designed and dev. online marketing programme. Email marketing permission acquisition campaign. New online marketing corporate identity and then designed standard eNewsletter, Special Offer templates

BASIC and Riders for Health. 
Content, PR and Social Media. Publicise CEO David Newman’s charity trek to the North Pole, in aid of two charities 

Wicked (theatre production). Creative, Publicity, Promotions & Social Media 
Developed innovative digital editorial and promotional opportunities for London’s West End musical Wicked in combination with a uniquely engaging social media strategy 

Range Rover. Promote forthcoming Sport model & raise awareness. Integrated campaign
Flash campaign microsite, video content, brand engagement, premium design, online forum

Which? – Banner ads
Shot new video footage to create a truly integrated suite of banner ads, home page takeovers, YouTube videos, emails, landing pages and interactive elements

Gates (engineering). Product launch. Integrated campaign
Integrated campaign. Planning. Audience research. Branding. Mobile enabled microsite. Video production. Sales presentation tool 

East Coast Mainline. Content Management System
Live travel and disruption news (whilst in transit), Information about destinations (prior to booking), Access to rewards (in transit and prior to booking), Quick links to booking across the site (at all times)

Britannia Hotels. Increase Britannias brand presence online 
Affiliate Marketing. Put together a network of affiliates that we believed would offer the quality and volume of bookings that Britannia was looking for

Mini – Digital Signage
Digital posters on Cromwell Road, London, spoke directly to 1,941 MINI drivers in a week with cheeky messages

Ernst & Young – Making values work 
Created ‘Values Awards’, a web based instant rewards programme, designed to identify, commend, endorse and reward behaviour that exemplified the firm’s values

Drambuie. Microsite. Brand awareness
Created a mircosite showcasing the Drambuie Pursuit challenge event: a series of outdoor pursuit team events, drawing on the Scottish Highland heritage of Drambuie,

Ford Europe. E-Learning solution
The client source materials were lengthy printed manuals and live systems. We adapted and presented them in bite sized chunks as e-learning modules in CD-Rom or web format

Tragus (restaurants). Online Reward Programme
Designed and delivered an online programme that provides each restaurant with their own online points account and reward catalogue

Motors.co.uk. Create brand awareness through buzz
Design & Development, PR, social media, SEO. Entrants simply had to nominate an unsung hero – a ‘Most Deserving’ person 

Astra GTC launch
Integrated campaign. Online advertising, interactive rich media placements, microsite 

chess.co.uk (fashion). Launch brand into competitive world of online fashion
Design and dev, content, blogger engagement, PR, social media, SEO 

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
Integrated campaign. The campaign – which spanned outdoor, online, doordrops and social media – has gained TV and radio airtime and even been referenced in parliamentary debates

Vauxhall – Ampera launch. 
Integrated campaign. TV ad, the campaign consists of CRM activity, a campaign microsite, online advertising, iPad advertising and a YouTube channel

Costa – Coffee Club
Integrated campaign. We use club members’ data to deliver segmented and personalised emails – over 1.3 million email variants are sent every month. Supported by web, POS and outdoor advertising

Renault UK Renault Laguna Challenge
Created The Laguna Challenge which was a simple mechanism rewarding individual sales personnel for every Laguna sale

UNIQLO (fashion) – Reaching new customers through integrated digital
Engage with a younger and more fashion focused target customer by gaining visibility for the UNIQLO x Celia Birtwell collection in online fashion networks, social channels and search engines

Exodus (travel) – Intelligent Display
Strategy of social and creative retargeting in partnership with Media6Degrees and Struq and as a result we were able to deliver highly targeted ads to people who actually wanted that particular type of holiday

Kern – Valentines
Sent a Valentine’s Day email inviting recipients to follow a link to a charming video: an experiment that proves it’s possible to accurately measure the weight of a kiss using Kern technology

ICAP (financial company) Charity Day. Email marketing / comprehensive external campaign 
Steve (campaign character) hijacked the company emails to deliver his motivational mantras through short videos, hosted on his own bespoke site and on the ICAP Charity Day site

Mercedes Benz – email marketing 
Wanted to show a car moving in an email. Clever animation as if car is moving along a road. 

Thomson – Al Fresco. Email marketing
The email design had to be representative of Thomson Al Fresco’s unique brand of family holiday, so we focused greatly on the strapline, ‘Out of the ordinary’

BP. Supporting communications across international boundaries
Two newsletters, three times a year for the audiences

Prarie Milk. Keep audience engaged inbetween big campaigns
Using their in-device cameras and GPS technology, the free game challenges kids to swat away menacing cats while balancing their glass of milk as they walk as far as they can

Green Ops – HM Armed Forces. Appeal to join forces
Created a virtual mission allowing people to see if they have what it takes
Best Game at the 2012 BIMA Awards

O2 – The Great Niggle Nobble. Highlight O2s commitment to consumer feedback
Facebook and iPhone game that encouraged our target market (mainly 25-35 year old tech-savvy males) to help rid the nation of broadband niggles and narks 

BBC – CBBC. Game
Seamlessly mixing live action, musical interaction and a Wigan talent show the solution captured kids’ imaginations

FT.com. Need to understand customer online behaviour more
Investigated use of web log data. Aggregated web log behaviour up to page viewed and time stamp level. Further variables were then defined

Molton Brown (luxury global beauty brand). Create singular customer view
Database. Designed flexible solution to receive numerous data feeds in multiple formats. The data is cleansed and enhanced before added to the SCV


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